Won Hundred

Twice a month we highlight a different brand by making ”lookbook” photos in our mini studio. This time we would like to show some of the beautiful items of the SS16 Won Hundred collection. It’s one of our favorite brands and their color palet for the summer is to die for! Now all we need is better weather and we are set. Won Hundred is available at all of our Hutspot locations.



Hutspot, Hutspot amsterdam, Hutspot Utrecht, conceptstore, fashion, outfit

Hutspot Utrecht, Hutspot, Hutspot Amsterdam, Won Hundred, Conceptstore, outfit

Hutspot Utrecht, Hutspot, Hutspot Amsterdam, Won Hundred, Conceptstore, outfit

Hutspot Utrecht, Hutspot, Hutspot Amsterdam, Won Hundred, Conceptstore, outfit

Hutspot Utrecht, Hutspot, Hutspot Amsterdam, Won Hundred, Conceptstore, outfit

Photo no. 1 | 3 |  Ludwig Coat €440,- | Acton A shirt €90,-
Photo no. 2 | Petey Shirt €135,- | Jagger trousers €175,-
Photo no. 4 | Alistair Trashy shorts €100,- | Marlon Trashy t-shirt €90,-

Photo no. 5 | Nea tan shirt €135,- | Holly skirt €135,-
Photo no. 6 | Iren coat €365,- | Lonnie shorts €135,-
Photo no.7 | Lotta shirt €135,- | Kiera jeans €160,-

Won Hundred is available at all our stores.

A Look in the Kitchen with Dirk

Feeling hungry? Why don’t you come over and try one of our delicious meals? There are so many different ones we are proud of, so each month we would like to introduce you to the creative Hutspot crew members behind the food. They will tell you all about their favorite food and drinks!

Today we would like to introduce you to Dirk. He is one of our funniest, most lovable colleagues. Dirk is multi-talented too as he is a full-time communication student and works in Hutspot’s store and the lunchroom. Today he will fill you in on his favorite dish to eat; the Chili Sandwich



“One of my favorite activities working here at Hutspot is being able to taste a little here and there of all the different dishes. My favorite one is the Chili Sandwich with cheese, rocket salad, tomato and hazelnut. It is served with a generous portion of salami on a thick slice of white bread, so it really fills you up. It’s also the only sandwich I know that has hazelnuts in it.

There is no better way to give myself a mid-day break than with this sandwich and a LemonAid. The soft drink comes in two flavors; maracuja and of course lemon. It is made by a German company that makes soft drinks with Fair Trade ingredients and donates a big part of the profits to a good cause supporting kids in need. So besides it being a nice refresher, it is also good for your karma”


You can enjoy the Chili exclusively at the Hutspot Van Woustraat. LemonAid is available there too and at Hutspot Utrecht. Curious to see the previous post with Nina? Take a look here.


Spending the Night with Sef and Rox @ The Hoxton

To introduce the new SS16 collections at our stores and honor creative talent, Hutspot and The Hoxton have teamed up together. We have photographed five inspiring creative people in clothing from Hutspot in the most beautiful rooms at The Hoxton.

This time we had a double date with the lovely couple Yousef Gnaoui & Roxanne Dekker. Yousef (Sef) is known for his music hits, such as ‘De Leven’ and ‘Toch Houdt Ze Van Mij.’ His recent album ‘In Kleur’ is one we recommend for sure, but there is definitely still more to come. Roxanne is a talented visual artist and owner of The Kidspiration Club. And not only that, she is also a DJ belonging to the group The Pony Peaches.

These two are a longtime match as they have been in love for nine years now. We talked with them about their work, lives, dreams, inspirations and relationship.

We understood this is one of the first photo shoots you have done together, how did you like it?  
R: It’s really great doing a photo shoot together for the first time in nine years. It felt very natural and cozy, especially the bed scene. What I liked most is looking at Yousef when our picture was being taken.

Y: It wasn’t uncomfortable at all, I had a great time!

What are the up and downsides of being in a relationship where both of you are chasing a successful creative career? Are you always able to give each other full support?
R: In the beginning I had to get used to Yousef’s late bookings during the weekdays. I’m a real morning person, so I can feel sad about not having breakfast together. I did figure out though, that I’m actually a lot more focused on my own work when Yousef is out of town. So it’s pretty convenient for my work-mode.

Y: I think the fact that we both have creative jobs helps us understand each other’s lives a little better. When Rox is working on a certain project that takes a lot of time and energy, I can relate to how she feels, because I know what it is like to be in that situation. It works the other way around too.


Roxanne, in Yousef’s song ‘Toch Houdt Ze Van Mij’ he sings about how you still love him, despite certain faults. If it was you singing this song, what would you be saying?
I would like to thank him for being so patient. I can be a real thunderstorm of emotions sometimes.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?
R: I love reading books, there is always one in my bag. I also like to listen to music and the sounds of birds, making long walks in the city, dance-dance-dance, eat-eat-eat, and hanging out with my friends.

Y: I love cooking and being busy with food. Besides that, I like to watch movies and just hang out. I’m very good at relaxing.

You are both dressed in outfits from Hutspot. Can you tell us what you are wearing and how it fits your style?
R: I immediately fell for the colorful sweaters by Jutka & Riska. I just love bright colors and prints and the crispy white sneakers make me feel fresh. I was proud to be wearing something from Stieglitz, because Pien (the founder) is a friend of mine.

Y: I actually chose some female items that stood out to me because of the colors. I also like color a lot and sometimes brands for men can be a bit bland. So it was good to be able to mix it all up a bit.

What is your favorite spot in the Hoxton Hotel?
R: I love the glass windows in the roof above the dining room and playrooms, because I prefer seeing daylight while I’m inside of a building

Y: I like the mezzanine. It’s a really good spot to drink and just forget about time. It also has sofas and I love sofas, chairs are too difficult to hang out in.


Rox, your work is often shaped by your intuition. How are you able to turn your mind off and just let the colors flow?
I paint without thinking too much. Especially when I work on my collection “My Favourites,” where I paint music. Intuitive painting or drawing is something I have been doing since I was a kid. When I feel inspired, I will just grab a pen or pencil or color on my brush that suits that moment. It is something you can train and I can teach you that!

When I paint music it is even easier, the music makes me see colors and I just paint them. Whenever I have an assignment, I tend to get more insecure and overthink my work because I want people to like it.

What piece of art has influenced you most as an artist?
Yayoi Kusama’s museum in Tokyo. The way she feels and creates with no boundaries in her art, it made me weep a little. There is also a painting of a Spanish Woman (Hermen Anglada Camarasa – Granadina -1914) in Museu Nacional d’art de Catalunya in Barcelona, that always makes my heart skip a beat. Sometimes I am so impressed by an artist that I can just start crying.

You run a company called The Kidspiration club. There you organize weekly art classes for children from the age 4-12. The goal is to introduce them to the great world of art. What is it about children and art that gives you a passion?
When we started the company in 2014, my former partner Suzanne Monkel and I shared the opinion that kids are the most inspiring human beings on earth. The things they say, the things they create, are so pure, funny, intuitive and smart! The way they see the world is just beautiful. We wanted to inspire them with art and let them explore who they are by experimenting with different materials. After two years I still think the same about kids, their energy is liberating (most of the time).


Y: You have a very smart mind and a strong political opinion. Do you ever struggle with the prejudices people have about rappers?
Sometimes people don’t take my intelligence very serious. I don’t really pay much attention to them though, it says way more about them than it does about me. I try not to be close-minded like that and luckily most people are pretty cool.

Y: You’ve said you’ll never stop making music. What is it about creating music that gives you so much power and joy?
The process of making music is always a challenge. Sometimes it can be very difficult, but when something comes together it’s the most satisfying feeling in the world. And in some way it’s a never ending story, there’s always something new to try and new things to discover.

If you could both choose to work with any body in the whole world, dead or alive, who would it be?
R: I would like to paint a street full of dots with polka dot queen Yayoi Kusama. I would also like to go back in time and paint all songs playing at Woodstock.

Y: I would ask my favorite visual artist Jeff Koons to direct a music video with me. A production with a great mind like him would surely be a dream come true.

What projects are coming up for you? Where can we expect to see you soon and where can we find more of you online?
R: I give art workshops at The Hoxton, so keep an eye out on the FB events! With my art I am looking for places that organize auctions for refugees so I can donate my art. You can visit me at my new atelier in Cinetol.
Online: www.roxfavourites.tumblr.c

om / www.thekidspirationclub.nl

Y: I’m currently working on a new album. People can find me on twitter and instagram. Also my sure to keep an eye out on my agenda via topbillin.nl.


Sef & Rox are wearing:

Photo 1.
Won Hundred suit | €162,- | available at all Hutspot stores
Selected Femme denim jacket | €89,95 | available at all Hutspot stores
Won Hundred pantalon | €175,- | available at all Hutspot stores
Selected Femme sneakers | 89,95 | available at all Hutspot stores

Photo 2.
Jutka & Riska yellow sweater | €38,- | available at Hutspot Rozengracht
Selected Femme pantalon | €69,95 | available at all Hutspot stores
Manitou socks | €8,00 | available at all Hutspot stores
Stieglitz mint colbert | €245,- | available at all Hutspot stores
Revolution white botton down | €59,95 | available at all Hutspot stores
Ontour Nozem trouser | €85,00 | available at all Hutspot stores

Photo 3.
Revolution white botton down | €59,95 | available at all Hutspot stores

Photo 4.
Selected Homme t-shirt | €24,95 | available at all Hutspot stores
Ontour Nozem trouser | €85,- | available at all Hutspot stores
Hammam34 yellow throw | 139,95 | available at all Hutspot stores

Photo 5.
Jutka & Riska turquoise sweater | €38,- | available at Hutspot Rozengracht
Won Hundred cotton shirt | €135,- | available at all Hutspot stores

Photo 7.
Jutka & Riska red sweater| €52,- | available at Hutspot Rozengracht

Photo 8.
Stieglitz red colbert | €245,- | available at all Hutspot stores
Revolution white botton down | €59,95 | available at all Hutspot stores

Photo 9.
Native North silk shirt | €135,- | available at all Hutspot stores
Ontour Nozem trouser | €85,- | available at all Hutspot stores
Selected Femme line print shirt | 89,65 | available at all Hutspot stores
Selected Femme line print pant | 89,95 | available at all Hutspot stores


Photography: Hutspot

MUAH by: Nina Engelberts 

Hutspot Tips | April

Each month we will share with you our favorite places to go, things to eat, things to see and experiences you must enjoy. We will also share with you awesome and innovating new companies, artists and entrepreneurs to keep an eye out. These are our five Hutspot Tips for April.

MUBI; Watch and Discover

MUBI is a curated online cinema bringing you cult, classic, independent, and award-winning movies. Available in over 200 countries around the globe and on multiple devices, a subscription to MUBI is a passport to the world of cinema. Every day our film experts introduce you to a great film, and you have a whole month to watch it. That’s 365 extraordinary films a year curated by MUBI.

MUBI is your destination for cinema culture. See what our passionate international community – full of film fans, students, filmmakers, festival-goers, and more – is talking about. Discover wonderful films, keep track of your moviegoing, and meet others who love cinema as much as you. Need a guide? Our magazine Notebook illuminates the world of contemporary and classic cinema with the latest news, interviews and criticism.

Johan Cruijff

As “European Footballer of the Century” he is one of the most gifted playmakers in the history of the sport and is the flagship of Dutch football.

Cruijff was the star of “total football” and celebrated his greatest successes with Ajax Amsterdam and the Netherlands at the 1974 World Cup where they were runners-up. After that, he played for FC Barcelona, in the U.S. and again in the Netherlands.

Johan Cruijff’s international fame as a football legend is still alive everywhere in the world, but especially in Barcelona, the city where ‘number 14’ himself has played many matches and lived until his death. In the documentary En un Momento Dado, Thirteen people from Barcelona talk about the most important moment Cruijff has given them. A film about the search for Catalan identity and independence through the past decades and the important role Cruijff played, being almost a saint for the Catalans. Even some of his expressions (like ‘en un momento dado’, which means ‘at a given moment’ and is a literal translation out of Dutch) have now been incorporated in the Spanish language. Johan Cruijff himself cooperated on this documentary about his life for the first time since the seventies and also talks about his special moment.


Tree Hotel

Why not create a hotel that gives people a chance to experience nature amongst the tree-tops, while also providing a uniquely designed housing experience? These questions led to the creation of Treehotel in Harads – a place where nature, ecological values, comfort and modern design are combined for an exciting adventure.

We are absolutely in love with this unique hotel in Sweden. Even though it’s not very affordable we felt the need to share this beauty with you. 

Treehotel was inspired by the film ”The Tree Lover” by Jonas Selberg Augustsen. It’s a tale of three men from the city who want to go back to their roots by building a tree house together. “The Tree Lover” is a philosophic story about the significance of trees for us human beings.

A very important part of the concept is to consider ecological values and make minimal environmental impact. For this reason we devote considerable resources to finding sustainable construction and energy solutions.

This month we stumbled upon this amazing eye catcher. It’s a beautiful tank, but not just any tank though. It keeps jelly fish! This is the Darwin Tank which even includes a system for streaming and a filter so the jellyfish are as happy as their owners. 

The Darwin Tank is the result of a very successful crowd funding project on Kickstarter by the Belgium company The Darwin Sect. The tank really makes you sit back and rejoice in the subtle, fluid movements of the jellyfish in their own habitat. It has a real hypnotizing effect too as their shadows are cast on the walls around them when it gets a little dark. It’s pretty safe to say we will be saving for one of these.


The Stedelijk Museum has launched an exciting initiative attracting the new generation of art lovers, like us! It gives you the opportunity to be a part of an exclusive club of interesting people who are all devoted to the same interests.

Young Stedelijk is a meeting point for all creative youngsters, but also corporate people who want to get involved with contemporary art. For a small contribution you will be supporting Stedelijk’s various concepts, attending lectures and private views, visiting art conferences and galeries. It’s safe to say this is definitely an exclusivity you don’t want to miss out on. Sign up here.



We hope you enjoy our Hutspot Tips lists. Missed the previous tips? We hope you enjoy our Hutspot Tips lists. Missed the previous tips? Take a look here.


New in Store

Take a look at some lovely new items available at our stores below!


Mint Green Sandqvist Stig backpack | €129,- | available at all our stores


ZGAO side table | €125,- | available at Hutspot Van Woustraat


ZGAO vintage lamp | €295,- | available at Hutspot Van Woustraat


Won Hundred sweater | €162,- | available at all our stores

Hutspot Amsterdam, Hutspot Utrecht, Conceptstore, Interior, design

Fest Amsterdam chair | €229,- | available at Hutspot van Woustraat and Hutspot Rozengracht

Spending the night with Sophie van der Perre @ The Hoxton

By now, most of you know our Doing the Laundry series. To introduce the new SS16 collections at our stores and honor creative talent, Hutspot and The Hoxton have teamed up together. We have asked five inspiring creative people who we photographed in clothing from Hutspot in the most beautiful rooms at The Hoxton. We talked to them about their work, lives, dreams and their inspirations.

For the first series we are excited to present you to the talented photographer, Sophie van der Perre. Usually she’s the one behind the camera, but today she’s posing for us! You may know Sophie from her dreamy, personal, pure photographs. Her artwork is featured in multiple expositions, but she also shoots for fashion spreads and different agencies.

Hutspot The Hoxton Sophie Hutspot The Hoxton Hutspot

How does it feel to be in front of the camera today? Are you comfortable?
It’s a bit strange, I have the tendency to want to get involved the whole time with what’s happening behind the camera, but it helps that Sarah is the one taking my pictures. She is one of my best friends and muses.

We can see you are inspired by all kinds of friends and muses with strong personalities and unique features. Do you consider yourself to be the same type of person?
I guess I’m a real people’s person. I get along quite well with all different kinds of characters. I wouldn’t call myself a strong personality though, but more like a freedom girl. I love life and try to enjoy it everyday, by taking adventures and risks, and falling and getting up again.

Your pictures give us the feeling as if we are peeking into very intimate moments in someone’s life. How do you create these moments and how do you make the model feel so comfortable, even if you don’t know her?
I do everything on a feeling, an emotion. I try to get the best out of a person by getting to know them and trying to find their weak spots and strong points. And also by just being myself and asking for their input so we can create an image together.

Hutspot the Hoxton won hundred Hutspot Amsterdam Hutspot Utrecht The Hoxton Sophie van der Perre Hutspot, Hutspot, hutspot Utrecht, the Hoxton, Sophie van der Perre Hutspot Amsterdam, Hutspot Utrecht, Conceptstore, Won hundred

What is it that can make such a moment or a person authentic to you? When does it turn into ‘simulation?’
For me it’s a feeling, like falling in love. If I meet a person who is inspiring and authentic for me, it’s like having butterflies, and a desire to capture that person and getting to know them.

You’re dressed in outfits from Hutspot. Can you tell us what you are wearing and how these outfits fit your style?
I’m a big fan of Won Hundred and I personally think it’s one of the best brands Hutspot has. I love their sweaters, like the light mint green one I’m wearing. Their pants are also great, for this shoot I choose their baggy white jeans. Usually baggy is not really my style but I thought this one suited me well. Besides that the jeans are very comfortable. I also love the WOOD WOOD sweater, I took it home with me.

Hutspot Utrecht, Hutspot, Hutspot Amsterdam, Sophie van der Perre, The Hoxton IMG_1123 copy


What do you think of this room in The Hoxton?
I just love it. I was told it used to be home to the mayor of Amsterdam in the 17th century. This gives the space an interesting and historical vibe. Also, the bathroom is amazing.

If you could photograph any person you can think of, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
I would love to photograph all the characters from the movie Virgin Suicides. I love Sofia Coppela’s style and she casts so well. Actually, also her movie Lost in Translation. And I love actress and model Amber Valletta, especially in her younger years.

We’ve heard you are also working on your first book. Tell us about it!
Well, it all started with photographing my three muses: Sarah, Milo and Bamboo. I have photographed them together every year for six years and exhibited that work. Over the past years I have met more muses and now I would love to combine all those moments in a book about our moments of being young wild and free.

Where can we find more of you online?
Instagram > www.instagram.com/sophievanderperre
Website > www.sophievanderperre.com

Hutspot Amsterdam, Hutspot, Hutspot Utrecht, Sophie van der Perre, Komono, The Hoxton, Hotel, Suitte, Photoshoot

Sophie is wearing:

Photo 1. Wood Wood sweater | €139,- | available at Hutspot Van Woustraat and Hutspot Utrecht
Photo 2. Won Hundred basic long sleeve | €75,- | Puebco hair cloth | €7,50 | available at all our stores
Photo 3. Won Hundred body suit | €75,- | and denim jacket | €235,- | available at all our stores
Photo 4. Hammam34 throw | €139,95 | available at all our stores
Photo 5. Won Hundred sweater | €145,- | available at all our stores
Photo 5|8|9 Won Hundred baggy white jeans | €135,- | available at all our stores
Photo 7 Selected Femme striped sweater | €49,95 | available at all our stores
Photo 11. Komono Stella Sunglasses | €49,95 | available at all our stores

Photography: Hutspot

MUAH by: Nina Engelberts 




Spring Summer collection Ontour

Spring is in the air, we can all feel it and we are all ready for it. That’s why we decided to photograph some of the beautiful items from ‘This Must be the Place’ Ontour collection, which is now available at all of our stores!

Their current collection is inspired by places, spaces and people. We love that the collection features a minimal palette paired with thoughtful graphic details. This season Ontour moved their production to new suppliers in Turkey and Italy in order to focus on quality improvements throughout the line.

Hutspot Amsterdam Hutspot Utrecht Hutspot Ontour Hutspot Amsterdam Hutspot, hutspot amsterdam, Hutspot Utrecht Hutspot Utrecht, Hutspot Amsterdam, Hutspot, Ontour Hutspot Utrecht, Hutspot Amsterdam, Ontour Hutspot, Hutspot Utrecht, Hutspot Amsterdam Hutspot Amsterdam, Hutspot, Hutspot Utrecht, Ontour Hutspot Utrecht, Hutspot, Hutspot Amsterdam, Conceptstore

Photo no. 1 | 6 | Sharp Sky Shirt | €80,00
Photo no. 1 | 6 | Sundays Sky Shorts | €60,00
Photo no. 2 | Cycle T-shirt Blanc | €70,00
Photo no. 3 | Coast Blouse Coral | €75,00
Photo no. 3 | Bay Shorts Coral | €60,00
Photo no. 4 | Cycle T-shirt Blanc | €70,00
Photo no. 4 | Beatnik Pants Denim | €80,00
Photo no. 5 | 8 | Shade Jacket Concrete | €120,00
Photo no. 5 | 8 | Bermuda T-shirt Blanc | €40,00
Photo no. 7 | Spot Sweatshirt Mint | €85,00

Ontour is available at all Hutspot store’s

Hutspot Interviews | Hart & Ruyt

Hutspot Interviews Frederique and Julia from Hart & Ruyt. Frederique founded the brand because she wanted to explore other activities next to studying medicine. She started making cube planters for her own interior, but she soon realized that people were really interested in buying the products. When she got the idea to create lamps in the same style, she asked Julia to partner up with her. Julia brought her skilled technical and design experience to the table and from there Hart & Ruyt grew into a serious and fast growing business, now also available at Hutspot.


So it seems like you have a pretty close working relationship going on. How did you two meet?
We have known each other for a very long time now. The first time we ‘met’, or better said, ‘played together’ was in elementary school when we were just four years old. Since then we have barely been separated. After high school Julia went to Delft to study Industrial Design Engineering, and Frederique went off to start with a bachelor’s degree in Psychobiology to finally enroll into Medical school in Amsterdam. Soon enough though, we we’re working together again.

bew_def_DSC_9677_zw bew_def_DSC_9729_zw

Where do you create your beautiful designs?
Like most companies, Hart & Ruyt started at home sitting at the dining table. As demand grew, Hart & Ruyt moved to the attic, and then from the attic to a beautiful workshop on the Amsteldijk Noord in Amsterdam. We now finally have the space to work on our new products and ideas while our team of craftsmen and -women take care of production. Since this process is so delicate, we are really happy we are able to keep everything under the same roof. No outsourcing, frequent quality checks and full control over the final results.

What do you get your inspiration from to run this process?
An important source of inspiration is nature and her and simple but beautiful shapes and forms. How cool is it that nature ‘produces’ perfectly shaped and formed crystals, rocks, snowflakes, salts, leaves and flowers? We try to translate that natural order into beautiful, simple products that amaze.

Hart & Ruyt is a fairly new product on the market. Have you learned what the ups and downs of having your own business are?
The most challenging thing is to stay innovative and renewing. Like every design label, we want to create something unique, something that hasn’t been done before. With our new product line coming up we hope to achieve just that. Furthermore, running a business means getting out of your comfort zone on a daily bases. Networking, negotiating, structuring, administration, working with personnel.. It can be tough, but, depending on how you look at it, always fun!

Bewerkt definitief bew_def_DSC_9713

What are you still hoping to achieve this year?
2016 will be an important year for Hart & Ruyt, because we will be launching our new product line. We are also aiming to expand our business in the Netherlands to at least 100 retailers and would love to take our first serious steps abroad. Also, we’re focussing more and more on our own webshop.

Very exciting! What is your advice for other young entrepreneurs who want to start their own business?
Just start selling! Don’t hesitate too long, don’t get stuck writing business plans, don’t research and develop for months. Just create the most basic version of your product, get out there and start talking to your customer. And of course, get them to sign on the dotted line. Once you validated that people actually want your product, you’re set. You have created a need first and with that a sense of urgency for yourself to fulfill that need.

A very valuable lesson we were taught: don’t do things that are ‘just in case’, but focus on the things that are ‘just in time’. Make sure you get your priorities straight.

_K9A5029aan copy

You can find the beautiful Hart & Ruyt lamps at all our stores. Check our locations page to find our stores.

Photography: Yara Jimmink
Product Photography: Kees Rijken




A look in the kitchen with Nina

Feeling hungry? Why don’t you come over and try one of our delicious bites? There are so many different ones we are proud of, we’d love to share them with you by introducing you to one of our Hutspot crew members every month. They will tell you all about their favorite food and drinks!

Meet Nina, she’s part of the Hutspot crew from the Van Woustraat in Amsterdam. She comes all the way from Switzerland and is here to do a course, but mostly to experience our beautiful city. Nina serves you our delicious dishes and drinks and makes them too! Today she’ll tell you what her favorite part of the menu is.

ninariccibitchi copy

“My favorite drink on the Hutspot menu is the coconut water with lime juice, banana, and pineapple! It’s very refreshing and feels like summer. It always reminds me of the movie La Dolce Vita for some reason.”

“We make this juice delicious by using coconut water from Fountain of Youth. It’s a 100% natural and makes for a perfect base of the drink. But the best part is that the drink is always freshly made whenever it’s ordered.”

“I would definitely recommend you the spelt bread with hummus to have with it. The warm bread in combination with the hummus is such a savory delight! It’s also served with celery, vegetable crisps and a small salad to tie together all the different flavors. It’s a dish I like making most for hungry clients, because it’s a full meal for sure.”

IMG_2090 copy 18.28.31

You can enjoy these dishes at Hutspot van Woustraat and Hutspot Utrecht.
Curious to see the previous food post? Take a look here.


Hutspot Tips | March

Each month we will share with you our favorite places to go, things to eat, things to see and experiences you must enjoy. We will also share with you awesome and innovating new companies, artists and entrepreneurs to keep an eye out. These are our five Hutspot March tips and we are starting this week with no one else than:

Leonardo DiCaprio


Of course, it is inevitable to not talk about Leonardo DiCaprio today. Because after being in the movie business for almost 30 years, he has finally won his well deserved Oscar for his role in The Revenant.

And we have to admit, if there is someone that deserves to be on our list, it’s definitely Leo. We’ve asked our employees to send us their top 3 Leo movies. You can imagine all the girls replied: TITANIC! But these were the movies with the most votes:

Catch Me If You Can
Django Unchained

Basketball Diaries


The packaging of the future. 

Don’t you just get annoyed at the amount of useless packaging we have to throw out? It has been an environmental issue for years, but finally the start of something new has caught our eye! Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine focusses completely on creating new types of packaging for food. Their work has also served as an inspiration to many others with the same environmental vision.



For basmati rice they use hardened beeswax you can peel off like the skin of an orange. To contain smoothies they have mixed the gel of seaweed with water and all you have to do to drink is pick the top. They have even created a biodegradable box out of mechano-active material that will react to the heat and transform from a compressed package to a serving bowl. The technical aspect of it is pretty complicated, but if anything is clear, it’s that we are fans!



Damn, a flat tire

We’ve all been there: you’re cycling on your beautiful bike through the rain early in the morning, in a huge rush, soaked to the bone and all of a sudden.. BAM.. Flat tire. Us Dutchies have gotten used to this miserable part of life. No need to curse the bicycle gods any longer though! Damn, a Flat Tire is coming to your rescue!

The guys behind Damn, a Flat Tire cycle around Amsterdam fixing broken bikes on the spot! You can get them to come to your rescue by downloading the app, or even by just sending a text via WhatsApp. And no worries about the costs of it all, they are even cheaper than your average non-mobile bike shop. Smooth cycling has gone to a whole other level!

Ine and Sanne

Meet Ine & Sanne, a duo of dutch young film makers to keep an eye on. These girls are not your regular film makers, they are foremost designers and concept artists instead of traditional film makers. This translates into a surprising and purposeful symbiosis of direction and art direction. And we are completely in love with their style and talent. 

This is the video they created for the new tampon brand Yoni and we think it’s just genius.
As most of you ladies have probably read lately, their has been some disturbing news about the synthetic fabrics in tampons. We recommend Yoni, a Dutch brand which is completely biological.  No plastic. No chlorine, No pesticides.



The Central Museum in Utrecht is hosting a very peculiar exhibition, from the 20th of February until the 29th of May. It’s all about fashion which is made with human hair. Whether you feel intrigued or grossed out, it’s definitely one to go see!


Take a trip back in to history and find out all the bizar way hair has been used as a material for fashion statements. You’ll find everything from jewelry and hats to big fuzzy installations. It reminds us of all the different relations we have with hair; we adore it and handle it with much care, but at the same time we’re disgusted by it. Well at least these artists knew what to do with it. Also keep an eye out because Hutspot and Centraal Museum will soon team up for a cool event in Utrecht.


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