Hutspot Interviews | Vørding’s Gin

A selected taste in fashion, cars and most importantly a favorite spirit are typical accessories every so-called modern man should have in his repertoire. The Dutch entrepreneur Thomas Vørding went one step further and created his very own alcoholic beverage – Vørdings Gin.

So for the people who haven’t heard about you: Who are you?

I’m Thomas Vørding, born and raised in Amsterdam. I work as a photographer and gin maker, which I try to combine with gymnastics, cooking and mini road trips in my Japanese imported classic BMW. I love listening to Chet Baker and Philip Glass when working on new ideas, accompanied by home made signature cocktails and my living room view to the Westertoren.

Interesting. How did Vørding’s Gin come to be?
I’m a notorious cocktail connoisseur who loves to experiment with flavours and ingredients. Gin has always been the most versatile spirit for me, with which I could make my favourite cocktails. So I started my quest for the perfect gin by making it myself. Starting out in my kitchen with a copper distilling pot, various botanicals and not inhibited by any knowledge about gin making, I experimented with different ingredients. I often use a piece of cedar wood on my barbecue to smoke salmon, and this inspired me to see if I could infuse my gin with it. I love the smell and taste of the fragrant cedar, and it occurred to me that besides in perfumes and cigar boxes it was used to smoke fish or meat, but as far as I knew nobody used it in a drinkable spirit like gin. The initial intention was to make just ten bottles for me and my friends, but as the result was even better than expected, I decided to go for a bigger step and make it into a real gin brand.

Do you remember the first time someone bought your Gin? How did that feel?
I remember that when I just finished the product I went to Razmataz, a bar that served the first bottle that was available. I sat at the bar talking to the bartender whom I knew, when I heard a customer order a Vørding’s Gin, as they apparently heard about it and knew this was the first place who served it. A combination of amazement, confidence and pride struck me.


20160815-VORDING-0038 20160815-VORDING-0032


What have been the up- and downsides of having your own business?
The upside is that it gives a tremendous amount of positive energy that I made something that people appreciate. The downside is that it takes a lot of time and effort to put a product like this into the market, especially when still working as a fashion photographer. It’s two full-time jobs combined for only a one-man army. I have the full support of my agency House of Orange so I can focus on the photography while I have to find time to expand the Vørding’s Gin empire.

What are you most proud of?
When developing, producing and launching Vørding’s Gin there were a lot of things to learn and improve, but also a lot of things to be proud of. I think that the amount of detail and effort that go into this product appeals to a lot of people, and especially design conscious cocktail connoisseurs. The minimalistic approach I had by designing the product, only works when choosing the best materials. For me the cork really stands out as it is the most premium cork I could find. I went to Portugal myself to select the best quality I could get my hands on, as it is literally the cherry on top of the bottle and a real eye-catcher.



If you could work together with any person, dead or alive, who would it be? Why?
People tend to call me accurate, punctual and stubborn so I’m not the best one for working in a team. However, I have great thoughts of doing collaborations with people from the perfume and fashion industry, as I see Vørding’s Gin as a bridge between the cocktail and the fashion world. In my opinion the taste-based and non-design focused cocktail world could use a little bit of the aesthetics and design principles that can be found in both perfume and fashion houses.

What is your advice for other young entrepreneurs or artists?
Working hard and staying focused is generally the advice that young entrepreneurs get when starting something new. However, I think that finding a niche that combines your own passion with a well thought out product is the best foundation to build your own brand.


Vørding’s Gin is available at all Hutspot stores. For more information about Vørding’s Gin, please visit

Hutspot Tips – October

Amsterdam Dance Event

The Amsterdam Dance Event is the leading electronic music platform and the biggest club festival in the world of electronic subgenres and takes place from the 19th till the 23rd of October. Even though it became very famous over the years, ADE was able to keep its artistic and creative spirit.



The globally renowned event offers more than just the latest musical trends and a huge live line-up. In addition to the Festival, ADE Playground offers music enthusiasts a large daytime program including exhibitions, in store promotions and film screenings in locations all over the city centre. ADE Conference will present a range of conferences and networking opportunities that focus on technology, VJ’s & visuals, harder dance styles and the education of students.



Francesco Vittorioso – Business meets Art

In general there’s a big gap between huge corperate companies and the artistic creativity. But what if those both worlds would meet? What if some of the most famous company logos would be designed by the smoe of the most famous artists? Francesco Vittorioso gives you an imprssion.


The Italian graphic designer took a dozen of famous company logos and added the significance of well-known artists to them. Thus, in the creative world of Vittorioso, Starbucks would show complete trust to Modigliani, Dreamworks to Van Gogh and Macintosh to Picasso! The project is called Painter’s Graphic Designer and we are totally in love with this creative crossover idea. If you want to see more of his work follow Francesco on Behance.


Restaurant LE:EN

One of Utrecht’s hidden treasure’s is definitely LE:EN! This Asian fusion restaurant does tapas the asian way. Here you can order all different types of small plates. It’s situated in an old warehouse, but it still feels like a cosy living room. 

At LE:EN they serve not only food, but there’s also a bar where you can order cocktails and a lot of different asian beers. The menu changes regularly, so be sure to check this one out.

Current Table

Usually the table design isn’t known for the craziest innovations, but now the tables have turned! The Current Table’s top is actually made from dye sensitised solar cells, which means it gets energyfrom in- and outdoors light.

The Table has four USB ports for you to plug your phone or laptop, or lamp into, and can even tell you when it needs you to help it work better. Its app send you alerts you if your messy desktop is blocking out light or if you’ve forgotten to re-open the blinds. So if you’re interested in saving some energy in a stylish way, the Current Table is what you’ve been waiting for.


CAMERA JAPAN Festival is a Japanese film festival annually in the Netherlands. starting in Rotterdam, then in Amsterdam at Kriterion. From 16 till 19 October you can enjoy mostly movies, but also Japanese fashion, music, architecture and more. This festival is definitely worth a visit.


All the  movies will have subtitles, but the ones that we’re definitely looking forward to are ”The Mohican Comes Home” on friday and  ”Rudolf the Black Cat” on sunday.




Jimmy Nelson exhibition at Hutspot

We are very happy to announce that at Hutspot van Woustraat we will be hosting a new exhibition called #ONCE. The exhibition shows images of the great photographer Jimmy Nelson in collaboration with the dutch organization against child labour “Stop Kinderarbeid”.

Jimmy Nelson is a very talented Amsterdam-based photographer. Nelson is mostly known for his book “Before they pass away” for which he traveled two and halve years all around the world and photographed 35 different tribes. We have definitely been a fan of his work for some time now. So we think it’s really cool that we got the opportunity to show his latest work at Hutspot.


In the #ONCE exhibition, you will see that Jimmy Nelson and his team visited several child labor-free zones in Uganda. These zones are incredibly important for the children in this country and we hope that by visiting this great exhibition Jimmy Nelson’s images can show you that you can only be a child #ONCE.

You can visit the exhibition at Hutspot van Woustraat starting from October 7th, till November 27th.



Sea Harvest Dinner


Last Friday our Roomed x Pesca x Hutspot Sea Harvest Dinner went down at our Van Woustraat event space. A night full of the best seafood, inspirational talks and the company of beautiful people.

Everybody joined us at one long table, we skipped the fancy tablecloth, crockery and cutlery, and ate directly from the tabel using nothing but our hands. Seafood restaurant Pesca, one of our neighbors at the Rozengracht store, presented an amazing menu we won’t forget for a while and our friends from Roomed helped us decorating the table.

Sea Harvest Dinner Oysters HutspotHutspotpescaroomed2

| Our menu for the night |


Oysters de Normandie accompanied by several apple ciders.


Bisque of shrimps with clams and lemongrass.


Philippine prawns with tarragon,

French Bouchot Mussels with lemongrass, fennel, ginger and lemon broth,

Burrata and Tomato salad with mint and basil,

Skate with Fennel-Chioggia beet and cardamom emulsion


Sea bass from the Green Egg with lime and sea salt.


Home made Limoncello by Pesca.

Accompanied by different pairing apple ciders and white wines


Inbetween courses designer Nienke Hoogvliet used the opportunity to tell us all about her SEA ME project. Nienke did research on how seaweed can contribute to a more sustainable textile industry. Espacially for the night, Nienke made unique napkins using seaweed for colouring and napkin rings made of fish leather. Selected items from Nienke’s SEA ME collection are now available at Hutspot Van Woustraat.



Photografer Iris Duvekot joined us for the night and made beautiful pictures which you can check out on Facebook.


Want to join us at our next dinner? Keep an eye out on our event page.

Want to organise your own (private) dinner or party at Hutspot?



Hutspot products





Photo no.1 | Elder & Wiser whiskey | €38,50 | available at Hutspot van Woustraat
Photo no. 2 | Comb | €14,95 | Available at Hutspot van Woustraat
Photo no. 3 | Mon Okel sunglasses | €135 | available at all our stores
Photo no. 4 | Won Hundred sweater | €145 | available at all our stores
Photo no. 5 | Stoned on Marble jewelry tray | €29 | available at all our stores

Hutspot Rotterdam

Hutspot is opening a brand new store in ROTTERDAM!!

Our doors will open this November! Of course as always, we are looking for all the good stuff a beautiful city has to offer. Such as employees, designers and artists. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to (sorry for the -Amsterdam part, we are working on it). We will keep you posted with more details along the way, but for now we are very happy about this milestone and can’t wait to celebrate the opening with you.

Karel Doormanstraat 317-319, Rotterdam.


Our Neighbor’hut

Since our store opened in van Woustraat, it is quite an eye catcher in that area. But the traditional van Woustraat is long, so we are in pretty good company! In the new category Our Neighbor’hut we want to highlight some of the street neighbors that we really appreciate.


Genco Versshop

In times where every restaurant, café or even grocery stores try to be stylish and cool, it’s really nice to have still some places that aren’t trying to be something, which they are not. One of those shops is definitely Genco Versshop. The authentic Turkish supermarket is in business for many years and has a few stores in Amsterdam. With their huge selection of oriental spices, veggies, fruits & meat, Genco is perfect for everyone who wants to broaden their food horizon beyond what you can find at Albert Heijn. Have a look the next time after you’ve been shopping at Hutspot.




Hutspot_v.woustraat (1 van 1)

If you’re following our blog this place might seem familiar to you. Because not only helps Wash-O-Matic to keep your clothes so fresh and so clean, but also is it a perfect location for a Photo shooting. The Laundromat is right across the street from Hutspot and we’re shooting out “Doing the Laundry” series there. Needless to say that we’re big fans of Wash-O-Matic’s look, service & the chill atmosphere. So the next time you got some smelly T-shirts, grab some coins and swing by Van Woustraat 7.


Coffeeshop Ibiza

Of course what would Our Neighbor’Hut category be, without a proper coffeeshop. And let me tell you, with Ibiza we have a real original. Since 1989, the shop offers a big range of herbs and the staff is super helpful while picking the right stuff for you, so make sure to be open and communicative during your visit. Also Ibiza has big TV screens, some cardboard games as well as arcade games. What more could you ask for?



Café van Wou

Café van Wou has more to offer than just coffee. As a matter of fact, I’ve never even seen a coffee there! But for an unique interior, drinks with your friends or a round of billiard, Café van Wou is the place to go. What we love most about the remarkable Café is that it attracts young as well as old people in a natural way. If you haven’t been there, it’s a must see in the van Woustraat.

W.A.C. and Selected Homme

With WEARECPH and Selected Homme we want to highlight two impressive nordic brands at Hutspot, which will prepare you for the approaching Fall. The danish company WEARECPH just joined our ranks and offers you clean designs with well choosen details. As a suitable extension Selected Homme presents their timeless collection in the brilliant colors for the upcoming season.





Photo no.1 |  W.A.C. jacket and RVLT tee | €159 | €29,95
Photo no.2 | Selected homme sweater | €49,95
Photo no.3 | W.A.C. ecru shirt, Selected homme camel bomber and grey pants |€45,- | €149,95 | €59,95
Photo no.4 | Selected homme grey pants and grey sweater | €59,95 | €39,95
Photo no.5 | W.A.C. kaki suede jacket and WAC striped shirt | €229,- | €59,-
Photo no.6 | W.A.C. navy polo | €59,- |
Photo no.7 | W.A.C. jacket | €159,- |

All items are available at our Amsterdam and Utrecht stores



Hutspot Interviews | DIY Soap

If you’re curious about the ingredients of your skincare products, the dutch self-made woman Erica Linger and her self-made soaps have the answer. DIY Soap provides organic skin and hair care which you’ll finish at home. That way the cosmetics are always fresh and you know exactly what they’re made of. Each product contains all the ingredients and instructions. Easy, Fresh, Fun.


Hi Erica, could you tell us a little bit about the woman behind DIY Soap?
Of course. I’m Erica Linger, mother of two beautiful daughters, wife of a guitarist and I’m a participant of the city council in Leiden. Politics often frustrate me but the most rewarding thing for me is when I can truly make a difference. In my spare time I’m a basketball coach for a local kids team and started my own business DIY Soap in 2015.

How did DIY Soap come to be?
I always wanted to start a business for myself. The freedom to be able to make my own choices and create something myself had always been my dream. For years I’ve been making body cream from natural ingredients for my oldest daughter. Because of her sensitive skin I couldn’t find a cream that worked for her. Making my own cream was fun but finding the right ingredients in the right amount took ages. Once I needed certain ingredients that only came in huge quantities. I thought how great it would it be if I could just order the right amount of ingredients at one place to make exactly one jar of cream at home myself. My business idea was born.

DSC_3093 DSC_3177

Do you remember the first time someone bought one of your products? How did that feel?
Yes I remember very well. Of course friends and family had already bought some products straight from the beginning but when the first Internet order from a total stranger came in, I was so excited, happy and nervous at the same time! I waited for a couple of days for a reaction but of course nothing came, so I guess everything was fine. I also had problems letting the products go. Products which I put so much love and effort into. Finally the customer has it and can enjoy using it. By now I’ve gotten used to that.

What have been the up- and downsides of having your own business?
What I like most is being my own boss, set my own goals and pursuit them. It’s incredibly empowering when your own plans succeed. A downside is the large amount of work, especially the hands on tasks that I have to do by myself. Sometimes I have to work till 1 or 2 o’clock in the night to get things done. Another downside is to keep yourself motivated during setbacks. Of course friends and family can support you but in the end they are not going to do the work for you. You have to do it yourself.

DSC_2923 DSC_3012

What are you most proud of?
Probably the fact that I had an idea, I worked it out and I started. I created something out of nothing. I am also very proud of my partnerships with other local entrepreneurs like a local beekeeper and a daycare center for special needs people. Most of my products are made by hand in the daycare center. I love coming there for a chat and to see how they are producing products for DIY Soap. Most of the time they have so much fun and the atmosphere is great!

If you could work together with any person, dead or alive, who would it be? Why?
That would be Saul Alinsky (1909-1972). He was an American community organizer and writer. His organizing skills were focused on improving the living conditions of poor communities across North America. He helped structuring those areas, so that they could create a backyard revolution in their own cities. Alinsky is such an original thinker. He was never scared to be controversial, but always acted a certain way to achieve his goals and strive for more equality in society. It would be an inspiration to see him at work but I doubt if he’d be an easy person to work with.

What is your advice for other young entrepreneurs or artists?
Dream, do it, stumble, fall and pick yourself up again. Don’t keep on talking about your plans but act out your plans. Be prepared to work, work, work. But always keep in mind what your priorities are. In your work and in your private life.

You can find the a variety of  Erica’s DIY Soap products at our van Woustraat location.

Interview – Haro Kraak

Meet Haro Kraak. He is a 29 year old journalist who works at the daily newspaper de Volkskrant, where he writes about media, pop culture and literature. Last week was a festive week for Haro, because his first novel just came out, which he launched Thursday evening at Hutspot. On and off, he worked for almost four years on his book Lekhoofd. The bulk of it was written on a two month trip to Cape Town last year.

It’s a story about a young boy, Noah, who has a rare neurological condition called synesthesia, which means he experiences his senses intertwined. Noah can actually taste and see sounds, and letters and numbers have colors for him. He talks to no one about this, until he meets Teun, who is a year older. Together they undertake an expedition of the senses to explore the boundaries of their perception. Meanwhile Noah’s restrained and secretive family collapses.


First of all, why synesthesia? Do you have it yourself?

Well, I don’t really, but I do associate numbers with colors. When I was a kid I decided that 4 was yellow and 5 was blue, and so on. One day, about 7 years ago, I was walking through the halls of my university and there was this note saying: ‘Are these numbers and letters in the right colors according to you?’ It caught my eye and I checked: no, the colors were wrong. ‘Participate in a study into synesthesia’, it said. At home I read all about this phenomenon and I got obsessed with it.  

And why did your main character need to have it?
To me, it was clear Noah should have synesthesia because I wanted to tell an original story about this universal phenomenon: the development of a consciousness in a young person’s mind. Every teenager will sooner or later realize that the way he or she looks at the world might differ from somebody else. I can still recall the shock when I was a boy and I realized that I would never escape myself, I would always perceive the world through my own eyes and never know how someone else experiences life. We’re all stuck in our own unreliable heads, which is probably the reason why we sometimes can’t even understand our best friends. For a person with synesthesia this shock must be much more intense: he literally perceives the world differently than other people. 

How do people generally find out?
The stories differ, but mainly they say something weird sounding like: ‘This number is not in the right color.’ Of course, the person they are speaking to will ask them what the hell they are talking about. When I was telling people about my book, and during my research, I saw this happening a couple of times, which is quite amazing to see. When I discussed synesthesia at my work a designer said she had it too, and she never spoke about it with anyone, except her parents. There is a certain shame in it, you know? People will think you’re crazy or craving for attention. One woman even told me she saw colors when she had an orgasm. But the best story came from my girlfriend, who was telling a colleague about my book. The colleague was shocked and showed her note books from music school: she drew the notes of the composition in the right color to her. Which helped her to remember the notes when practicing the music. She was about 30 years old and had never heard of synesthesia.


You were talking about shame. A lot of your characters seem to struggle with shame. Why?
Well, when I was writing the book, I was thinking a lot about my own childhood memories, and one thing that struck me about them was that my earliest most vibrant memories are all moments of shame. It’s probably not strange, because you experience shame when you first get to be aware of yourself and what other people think of you, of course these things will stick with you most as your mind matures. I remember a fight at kindergarten, I must have been about 4 years old: I pulled someone from the swing set while he was in full motion, and then I ran away, which was a cowardly thing to do, of course. I can’t remember one single lesson from that time, but I can still recall the look on that boy’s face exactly. Unfortunately, all the good times of your childhood fade away and blend into one big abstract feeling, you know? There’s no need to remember them, because there was nothing wrong then.

Finally, do you have some advice for any young writers out there?
Read a lot. Copy your heroes relentlessly, until you feel confident to do it on your own. Don’t think about a reader when writing. Don’t try to impress anyone, it always shows, in a bad way. And most of all: listen to the voices in your head, argue with them. When you do that correctly, you’re either schizophrenic or a writer.


Get Haro’s book here.