Doing the Laundry | Martijn Nekoui

Meet Martijn Nekoui, an ambitious and successful 26 year old living in Amsterdam. Martijn is the founder and CEO of MOAM, a creative platform that gives young talent the opportunity to work with all the great names of the Dutch creative industry. The past few years MOAM had the honor to work with the Rijksmuseum, Doutzen Kroes, Viktor&Rolf, FOAM, Frans Molenaar, the Bijenkorf and of course HEMA.


How did you start MOAM and got where you are now?
MOAM started as my graduation project for The Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). I didn’t want to graduate with a hypothetical exposition, so I actually set up the exposition and presented it in real life. During the process I found out that creating innovating projects and organizing events is my biggest drive. I have grown a lot these past few years and now I’m organizing 4 large events every year where we offer a platform to more than 50 young creative talents. My work is actually a playground to me. 

Can you tell us more about your upcoming project?
On Tuesday december 8th, the second collection from MOAM for HEMA will be in stores across the Netherlands. This time, we designed a collection especially for the holidays; a suit, several dresses, hand made lace and warm knits. A great experience and opportunity for the young designers to see their items selling everywhere. 

Which items did you select for your outfits and why?
My personal style is most of all clean and based on nice fabrics; I have been using the term ‘Scandinavian clean’ for years now. I love beautiful fabrics and architectonic elements in my clothes; not crazy prints. Luckily, Hutspot has plenty of it; beautiful, timeless items which are classic with a modern twist. All with the finest quality.

IMG_0716 IMG_0715


What do you like most about the Hutspot concept?
Hutspot is a young and fresh concept with a lot of diversity. When you walk in, you see all these different kinds of people; from young till old, straight, gay, man, woman. I also like the fact that Hutspot doesn’t have one specific audience, but they created their own strong identity.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years I still want to do the same things I am doing now. Working and scouting young talent, organizing awesome events that no one would ever thought to succeed gives me such a kick, and is what I love to do most. Challenging myself, keep on dreaming bigger and finally carry the whole thing out is what keeps things exciting for me as well. To put MOAM’s roots into the Netherlands and to grow on an international level is definitely a goal for the upcoming years.

What was your latest WOW moment regarding art, movies, fashion or music. And what was so inspiring about it?
The film ‘The Lobster’ was fantastic, definitely a must see. In terms of books I would say Purity by Jonathan Franzen. I just finished reading it, if he wasn’t my favorite writer already he is for sure now. Oh, and Adele and Justin Bieber are non-stop on repeat at the moment, and no, I’m not ashamed of it. 

I always bring my  …… Because ……
Iphone, simply because I can’t live without it. I always need to be reachable and be able to email, text and Facebook, wherever I am. You could say I’m kind of addicted.



If you could spend a night in a Bar with a celebrity/historical figure, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Britney Spears, without a doubt. I saw her last month in Las Vegas and to me she just seems like a nice girl who likes to have a drink or two.

Favorite hang outs…
Basically, just home on the couch with friends. Bottles of wine on the table, a nice cooked dinner, chill, and having fun all night. Downtown I like bars as Walter’s, Bukowski, Terpentijn, Moustache, and for dinner I go to De Plantage or Citroen in the summer. 

Where can people find more about you online?
I’m not very good at online stuff myself, so you can follow @moamamsterdam on Instagram, which is basically my life.




Martijn is wearing
Photo no. 1|2|5 Elka Raincoat | €130 | available at all our stores
Photo no. 1|2|5 Ontour button down shirt | €89,95 | available at all our stores
Photo no. 1 Design Letters mug | €15,95 | available at all our stores
Photo no. 2|5 Striped Wash bag  | €15,- | available at our Amsterdam stores
Photo no. 2|4|5 Won Hundred Blazer | €325,- | available at our Amsterdam stores
Photo no. 2|3|5 Won Hundred Trousers | €145,- | available at our Amsterdam stores
Photo no. 3 Fantastic Man Book | €39,95 | available at all our stores
Photo no. 3|4 Native North Wool Shirt | €…. | available at Hutspot Van Woustraat and Hutspot Utrecht
Photo 3 First of August Coat | €379,- | available at all our stores

Photography: Sarah van Rij

Doing the Laundry | Pepijn and Coco

Last week we had the honor to photograph Pepijn Lanen, also known as Faberyayo and from the rap trio De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. Together with his fiance Coco and lovely baby Blake we spend the morning to hear all about their future plans. Read the interview below to hear what this power couple is up to and which outfits they selected from our store.

Coco&Pepijnbekerkleur copy copy

First of all let’s start with a proper introduction, who are you and what do you do in life?

P: I am Pepijn Lanen aka Faberyayo. Most of my time goes into rapping on stage with the Jeugd van Tegenwoordig and writing all kinds of material.
C: I am Coco Sabajo aka Blakey the kid’s mom. In working life I’m a shop-manager and buyer for the store Centre Neuf (which is unfortunately closing after a good run that almost lasted 10 years). Also the infamous other half of dj-duo extraordinaire Coco&Loulou.

Let’s go back in time a little bit, how did you meet each other and was it love at first sight?

P: We met in the romance capital of the Benelux, the Venice of the North, Amsterdam. We caught each other’s eye and never quite could let go.
C: very correct. And little did we know, but it was indeed love at first sight.


Can you name one habit of each other you love and one you ‘’dislike’’?

P: I love everything about Coco. Even when she turns up ‘a little’ late for a rendez-vous she always has the sweetest of reasons and she looks so damn fine all the time why would I even complain.
C: Sometimes I dislike him for being over ambitious. He can tend to want too much at the same time, or be over-enthusiastic about certain things. If, in the end, they don’t quite play out as he imagined, he stresses and get’s mad. It’s quite sweet actually. Other than that – I love every single thing about him. I know, we’re such a bore.

Which items did you select for your outfits and why?

P: I put on some stripes just because.
C: Autumn got me feelin’ like.. turtlenecksss! Finally, the comeback in my closet. The skirt is a big plus for me, the colour as well. And a good knit is always a major addition in any closet. Winter is cominggggg!


Cocotrap copy

What do you like the most about the Hutspot concept?

P: they make a nice brownie.
C: He really likes brownies. I like the speedy concept behind it all and the creativity that flows. You can feel it!

I always bring my …… Because ……

P: Wits/ you should never leave home without them
C: Baby/ you should never leave home without him

@ Pepijn, your new album has just been released. What is the title and ‘’story’’ behind it?

It is called Manon and it’s an ode to all women. We recorded it, holed up in a hotel in Brussel for a month, devoid of female contact, and so naturally, everything sort of became about females and their effect and presence in and on our lives.


Coco&Pepijntrappenhuiskleur copy


We also picked up that you guys will be moving to New York soon. What are your plans there? And how do you feel about this new adventure?

P: No idea yet and excited af.
C: Excited, so much. Plans could be somewhat like world domination. You’ll hear from us.

If you could spend a night in a bar with a celebrity/historical figure, dead or alive, who would it be?

P: i would love to drink a bottle of Krug with Serge Gainsbourg at the sixties Cote d’Azur
C: I’d drink a coupe with miss Sarah Vaughn and listen to her aaaaall night. If only..

Favorite hang outs…

P: In bed with the lovely Coco and the amazing mr Blake
C: obviously the above. But a more accesible place for people to hang out too would be G’s Oost, the Wasserette or Nacional. Coffee’s on all 3 on fleek.

Where can people find more about you online?
C: You can try, but I’m not too consistent:

Photography: Sarah van Rij

MENDO x Hutspot

As most of you know by now MENDO takes care of all the books at Hutspot. The book market we organized in the beginning of September was a big succes, and we are always excited when they deliver a beautiful selection from their ”candy” bookstore to our stores.
Photography books, awesome travel books and the most inspiring interior books, they have them all. Below you can find some images of a selection we sell at Hutspot.

mendoXhutspot_FBHD_48 mendoXhutspot_FBHD_09 mendoXhutspot_FBHD_27 mendoXhutspot_FBHD_32 mendoXhutspot_FBHD_20

Hutspot Interviews | We Smell The Rain

Hutspot Interviews the lovely South African/New Zealand expat Kim Band. This woman is so ambitious and her energy is contagious. She knows what she wants and she goes right after it. Her brand is worked out into every detail and we believe her products really show. Read the interview below to get to know Kim and her brand better.

How did you start We Smell The Rain?
After living in small city apartments for the past four years, in London and Amsterdam, I was craving to be amongst nature. On weekends I’d often wander through the markets, picking up odd bits of greenery, weird flowers and plants. I just love collecting things really. I was also making all these weird ceramic things at the same time and it just somehow came together.

I’ve been a Creative in Branding, Retail and Advertising for over twelve years, and after spending so much time branding other people’s products, it just felt like it was time to create something for myself. And so We Smell The Rain was born.

What is your workspace like?
Making a product designed for inner city living, I wanted to find a workplace in the centre of town. I was fortunate to find a studio in Amsterdam West, complete with a typical Dutch windmill in our back garden (see photo above). Each day we sit outside and have lunch, surrounded by frogs, herons and a vegetable patch – it is the perfect environment for our work.

When did you think ‘we have to get this on the market’? When did that moment of entrepreneurship occur?
It was uncanny timing actually. I was hiking in Bryce Canyon, USA, surrounded by these gorgeous natural surroundings far far from urban life and I received a message from one of my favourite US  high street retailers. I took it as a sign.

Where do you find your inspiration?
Nature, science, and everything about the two. I love the outdoors and the wildness of nature, being surrounded by the tallest mountains to diving the most beautiful seas. It all constantly blows my mind, the only time I’m really relaxed is when I am right in the middle of it all.

I think the main thing that brings inspiration is ‘change’. Changing a pattern in your day, week or life opens your eyes to new things and newness creates inspiration for me. This includes the people I have had the privilege to meet in my life. They inspire me as well as fuel for my energy tank.

How did the collaboration with Hutspot happen?
I got a message from Sarah from Hutspot a week after I did my first Local Goods market, asking if I wanted to have a chat about my plants being in their store.We had the meeting and I (well I think we both) walked away very excited. As I didn’t have an office space yet, and I was about to go on a one month holiday camping in the national parks of the USA, I knew I had to get my A-into-G (that’s kiwi for ‘ass into gear’) when I got back. And I guess I did! Yay for that!

What do you think the most fun/difficult/exciting part of having your own business is?
Working on your own is difficult. But then you get over that, and it is awesome. What is hard is running a business and a production line – with 100% manual labour. I didn’t foresee those as two separate things.

What’s really exciting is being able to create the working environment you always dreamed of. A fun, positive and ambitious workplace where people love coming in to get involved and their hands dirty – including myself.

What is your biggest success so far?
I have amazing volunteers, staff and support that have and are still helping me on a regular basis. I couldn’t do it without them. We laugh everyday and have a lot of fun, but we also bust our guts and before you know it it’s the end of the day.

Another big success is that I have got my dream this far. That plus all the amazing people I have met along the way in these last four months.

I’ve also learnt more about myself. Watching my fears fall behind me and tackling hurdles that were bigger than I could have ever imagined has been very rewarding.

What is your advice for people that start their own business?
You know how people say; you can never know what it’s like to have kids until you have them? That’s what starting your own business is like.

You can find the beautiful We Smell The Rain plants at Hutspot Van Woustraat. More of WSTR? Follow Kim on Instagram.


New in Store


Leather gloves from Won Hundred | €145 | available at both our stores

Eggplant Raglan shirt by Ontour | €79,95 | available at both our stores


Rainproof Sandqvist Theo backpack | €149 | available at Hutspot Van Woustraat


Hutspot Interviews | Stiger Woods

Meet Martijn Smulders, an Amsterdam based artist who is tranffering photos to wood. He is also father of Tommie who is 4 years old. He prefers to use his skate board as transport than a bike. He has worked at the skateshop Independent Outlet for a long time, when he wasn’t working he was creating his own work. Martijn loves photography and many other art forms. Also music is really important to him, you can find Martijn in his studio with music on all the time. He loves listening from Edith Piaf to the Smiths to very hard punk rock. Read full interview below to get to know Martijn and his work better.


When and how was Stiger Woods born?
In 2010 I travelled for 7,5 months to different places all over the world. In the last fase I arrived in Bangkok Thailand and stayed in a beautiful hostel, where they sold all sorts of awesome handmade products. I came across a piece of wood with an image printed on it. I took a photo of it, not knowing that this piece of wood would change my whole future. In Amsterdam I went back to work, in a Skate shop where I worked for years and started experimenting with printing machines and different techniques. After a while I got a hold of the technique and added the coating of the photo with gloss epoxy. This is how I started creating.

That sounds awesome. And when was the moment you figured that your product should be on the market?
This moment occurred because I started to get a lot of positive and enthusiastic reactions to my work and because I was looking for a way to make some extra money next to my former job. I started selling my first series on the Sunday Market in Amsterdam.  The reactions I got on that day were so positive and pretty quickly I got requests from people to make custom work.

Where is your workplace located? Do you like it?
My workspace is located in a big warehouse in Amsterdam West, I got a hold of the place through a friend of mine. There are many other entrepreneurs having their workspace/office there and this results in a very nice and dynamic atmosphere. My studio isn’t very big but I have the possibility to do certain activities somewhere else in the warehouse.

StigerWoods©AicoLind( StigerWoods©AicoLind(

What inspires you?
I got inspired a lot during my world trip. But realized that the images I shot there were maybe a little to personal to sell to a bigger audience. While visiting a friend of mine who is a photographer (Studio Aico) I came across the idea to make a serie of all sorts of edible exotic fishes at Groothandel Jan van as in Amsterdam West.  Another inspiration source is from a collection from the Rijksmuseum,  called Rijksstudio, there online digital collection. I used some of this images and adjusted so I could create a few works. One of them is for example based on the famous swam from Jan Asselijn.

How did the collaboration between you and Hutspot started?
At a certain moment I walked in Hutspot with some of my works and there I ran into both Store -Managers, who were enthusiastic right away. We agreed that I would hang some works for a month or so, but meanwhile that’s already 1,5 year ago and I’m still there. I got a beautiful wall downstairs in the Van Woustraat store and the sales and reactions have been great! Since not so long there is also a serie at Hutspot Rozengracht. What I really like about Hutspot is the combination of art/interior design/clothing etc. so there is a lovely mix of everything. What I like about the collaboration is that they give me the freedom to decide which works I want to hang and how I want to hang them.


What do you like the most about being your own boss?
The nicest part but also the most difficult part is that I have to make all the decisions myself. Most of the time I enjoy doing this but every now and then I miss a partner. The exciting part is the question whether I sold enough on the end of month, so I’m able to live from it.

What has been your biggest succes so far?
I find my collaboration with Hutspot pretty successful and the fact that the Bijenkorf has reached out to me to open a pop-up-shop during Sinterklaas and Christmas is also pretty awesome!

What would you advice anyone who wants to start their own business?
Work hard, but don’t over do it. Always start with the things you really want and you completely trust in yourself. Take a look at what you can do at once and take all possible barriers one by one.

StigerWoods©AicoLind( StigerWoods©AicoLind(

To see more of Martijn his work:
Photography: Studio Aico (Aico Lind)

Doing the Laundry | Rosanna Gentenaar


Last week we spend the afternoon with Rosanna Gentenaar at the Wash O Matic. This lovely 27 year old is an allround creative and the girl behind Billie Rose Blog. Her  blog is all about personal style, her life in Amsterdam and travel adventures. But this is not all, Rosanna is also responsible for the social media content of various companies. Does this girl have any spare time, you wonder? When asking this question, she laughs and replies: ”I’m so happy with my profession that it doesn’t really feel like working. I’m sharing my personal interests and my followers love reading what I enjoy doing, i feel grateful for this”!

How did you came up the name Billie Rose Blog?
Billie Rose is a nickname my boyfriend gave me a couple of years ago. When I couldn’t find a cool original name I decided to use this name for my blog. Billie is the cool, tomboy side and Rose is feminine and romantic. Basically my style in a nutshell!

Let’s go back in time a little bit, how did you become a blogger? 
I started about 5 years ago, after reading a LOT of blogs that time (mostly Scandinavian blogs) I felt so inspired to experiment with photography, my clothing style and writing. I am so happy I did and couldn’t imagine it would ever become my fulltime job. I’m very curious about the future of blogging now social media is HUGE.

What is your mission as a blogger?
My mission would be to develop my creative side as much as I can. To travel a lot, to discover new things, challenge myself, work together with cool brands and just enjoy the ride!



Which items did you select for your look and why?
The printed suit from Selected Femme instantly caught my eye. I love a cool suit, it’s so playful yet classic and you can combine it in so many different ways! The light grey rib Flared trousers by Stieglitz are so beautiful, I love a good boho touch. Combined with a cosy light Grey cardigan and silk shirt, this would definitely be my go to outfit this Fall!

 What do you like the most about the Hutspot concept?
I love the fact that’s it’s complete and the inspiring environment of the stores . You can brows through the beautiful collection of fashion brands but also lifestyle and interior, drink a cup of (amazing) coffee or have lunch and finish everything off with a picture at the photobooth.

I always bring my  Iphone! I wish I could say something really original but unfortunately I couldn’t imaging leaving my house without it. Mostly because I also love to take pictures when I’m on my way.

Looking back at this summer, what was the nicest/most special moment you had?
Spending a week in Lisbon is always a good idea. It’s my favorite European city, and my favorite moment was biking along the Tague river, after we took the boat to the other side of the city and discovered a beautiful beach. Too bad we only could stay 30 min because we had to return our bikes but in the end it was all worth it.

If you could spend a night in a bar with a celebrity/historical figure, dead or alive, who would it be?
Definitely Jane Birkin! If I picture it, we would meet somewhere in Paris where she teaches me ‘How To Be Parisienne’ while drinking red wine. Yup that would be pretty cool!

Favorite hang outs…
Festina Lente, Plek, G’s and Bar Bukowski.

Where can people find more about you online?
You can find my blog at or follow me on Instragram: @billieroseblog




Rosanna is wearing:
Photo no. 1|3|4|5 Won Hundred grey long cardigan | €220 | Won Hundred grey violet blouse | €145 | and Ice blue Eska Stieglitz flare | €150 |
Photo no. 2|6 Selected Femme Izima print pants | €69,95 | Izima print blazer | €89,95 |  Selected femme lace top | €39,95 | all available at both our stores. Veloretti bike | €369,- | Available at Hutspot Van Woustraat

Hat | Models own
59 Magazine | €35 | Available at Hutspot Van Woustraat
Design Letter mug | €15,50 | Available at both our stores
UASHMAMA paper bag | €17,95 | Available Hutspot Amsterdam

Photography: Sarah van Rij

New in store

First of August Mae jacket | €299 | and the Won Hundred Rib Knit turtle neck | €120 | available at both our stores

Native North Perpetual snow sunglasses | €120 | and the Grey soft wool shirt | €89 | available at Hutspot van Woustraat

The RVLT acrylic light grey beanie | €19,95 | available at both our stores

123 Kumbayastreet ceramic espresso cups | €11,99 | per cup, available at Hutspot Van Woustraat

Hutspot Interviews | NAN-GOODS

Meet Nanna Schaaper, two weeks ago she turned 30. Besides being founder and designer of her brand NAN-GOODS, she is also a model and a doctor of pedagogy. She loves to do yoga, cooking and aquarel painting.
You can find Nanna in the kitchen often, or reading about new studies in the field of human development, she believes this ”geeky” activity is still an aftermath from the study pedagogy she finished. After her graduation she started helping her father with his company. At first, she was merely focused on the sales side of the business but gradually she also started designing new products. This created a new dimension in her work and made her feel more energized than ever.

Slowly the idea evolved that Nanna wanted to create something that would be both useful, basic and at the same time one of a kind and something of her own. Read the interview below to get to hear her story.


How did NAN-GOODS came to life?
On an evening in March of this year, I was drawing some new designs and fell in love with this certain creation, which was perfectly suited to be made of some tick full grain beautiful leather. The next morning my hunt to find this perfect material started. That’s when I ran into a well knowledgeable [skin/leather farmer] in the south of the Netherlands. He showed me a wide range of materials he imported from South America and taught me all there was to learn about leather and its [special habits/ peculiar characteristics].

Before I realized, my note book was full of designs for leather bags and accessories which were all too good to be stuck on paper. My father fully shared my enthusiasm and helped me getting the first prototypes made within no time. I could not wait for the whole collection to be made.

What are the stages of your product? And from where do you work?
My business is build up in three stages on three different locations. Step one, is the sketching and designing part which I mostly do at my apartment in Amsterdam, or if the city becomes to noisy, I find a calm place in nature.

Step two, is about selecting the most beautiful hides and colors which takes place in the south of Holland.

Step three comprises sales and administration. I travel throughout Holland to get everyone accustomed with my products and use my father’s office for the administrational part of this business.

For now I must say this works fine, but I would love to have one big place in the future where I can bring the creativity, showroom and office together.

When was the moment you thought to yourself this could be a serious business?
From the moment I created my drawings, that evening in March, I immediately knew this was the start of something new. I am generally rather risk averse, but now my enthusiasm took over and I decided to take a leep of fate. Off course I would not have dared this without a little push in the right direction from my father. I gathered the fabrics and colors and within two weeks I finished my first collection.

IMG_3503 Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

What inspires you?
I get inspired by many things, such as architecture, books, photography but mostly out of nature. The shapes and colors you find in nature, just fascinates me deeply. I can walk around for hours just watching all the beautiful things nature has to offer. After such visits in for example the forest, I start sketching.

How did your collaboration with Hutspot started?
My boyfriend has his own company called ”The Trainers”. During one of his trainings he grabbed his NAN Credit Card holder while talking to Store-Manager Cato. Cato immediately liked it and told him that she was looking for nice wallets, cardholders and other leather goods. This is how we got in contact and very quickly after that I started selling at the Rozengracht.

IMG_3505 Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

What are the up and down sides of having your own company?
What I mostly like about having my own business is to have freedom. I’m free to design new products, I get to create my own daily schedule on my own time. This provides plenty of variation and that’s why I work down my to do list with an menormous amount of energy. At the same time this aspect is also my pitfall, because my to do lists are basically never really done, I often find myself behind my laptop working almost every evening and my ”free” weekends become shorter and shorter.

The most exciting part about having your own brand, is how will your products be received by customers and retailers. What is their reaction?

What has been your biggest succes so far?
The biggest succes I have experienced so far is to get re-orders from retailers, the first few times this happend you realize that your product is actually working and people like it.

But what I actually experience as a bigger succes is if people who I don’t know, are familiar with my brand.


IMG_3507 IMG_1665


What do you hope to achieve before the ending of 2015, what is your mission?
For this year our mission is to get 25 retailers throughout Holland. Next year we hope to get a new showroom.

But our biggest goal is to slowly and efficiently create a good base for the company. With the right foundation we can become bigger in 2016.

What is your target group? Who are the NAN-GOODS consumers?
Because NAN is a unisex brand we attract a big target group, so both men and women. But especially people with a love for timeless simple designs created from beautiful materials. I also am convinced that the NAN-GOODS customers know that the product they buy is sustainable and long lasting.  The NAN products only become more beautiful and unique as time passes by.

You can find the beautiful NAN-GOODS products at Hutspot Rozengracht

Text: Sarah van Rij

Hutspot x Mendo x The Hoxton Bookmarket

Last Saturday we organized a lovely Bookmarket in collaboration with Mendo at The Hoxton. We enjoyed the day very much and hope you did to. On our Facebook page you can find the photos of the Bookmarket, just click on the image below to see full album.

A special thanks to
Charlotte Greeven
Our/Amsterdam Vodka

We hope to see you on our next event!