Hutspot Interviews | Alexander Sporre

Finding the extraordinary within the trivial things‘ could to be the message of Alexander Sporre’s work. The Dutch photographer provides a wide spectrum of photos from portrait over street photography all the way to weddings. This variety and his ability to capture the right moment made us offer his work at Hutspot Van Woustraat. We sat down with him for an interview to talk about his work, motivation and his connection to Alan Watts philosophy, which he also integrated into one of his series.

Hi Alexander, could you tell us little bit about yourself. How did you become an artist?
That’s a difficult question to start with. First of all, I don’t really see myself as an artist, but more as somebody who does what feels right. For me, the camera in my hand is more a natural medium to communicate with other people and the world around me. I think it’s more closely related to discovery and understanding than having the feeling of being an artists. Secondly, I started photography only four years ago, before that I studied business, and maybe that also plays a part. However, I think that studying something other than photography can be of great value. Everyone can learn how and when to press the button, but knowing what to photograph is equally – maybe even more – important.

Do you remember the first time someone wanted to buy one of your pictures?
To be fully honest, this is the first time I’m selling products so I’m quite new to that. I think that it’s also closely related to my first answer. I have however worked on assignments based a lot in terms of photography. And to be able to make people happy while doing the thing you love is a great feeling.


hutspot interview-9

hutspot interview-11

hutspot interview-5


What have been the up- and downsides of becoming an entrepreneur?
At the moment I still have two jobs. As I studied business, I’m currently working for a company in Amsterdam. This allows me to do photography when and how I like. The feeling of not having to sell or do assignments, which are less fun, is a very nice position to be in. I tend towards making the switch one day. Let’s see. For now having my own business on the side is just a pleasure.

What are you most proud of ?
I’m most proud of the fact that I’m developing as a person and feeling that this is happening rather naturally at the very same time.

If you could work together with any person, dead or alive, who would it be?
There are a lot of great examples of photographers in the contemporary age and in history. I’m not sure everybody would be a pleasure to work with, but enough can be learned from them. I must say that the internet and YouTube can be great sources of knowledge,  you might not physically work with them, but at least can have a sense of how it would have been. I can’t name a person right now, but if I have to choose somebody to work with to improve my work as a photographer, I’d always choose somebody from another discipline. People in a different line of ‘business’ can often make a very worthwhile contribution to your own development. In such case you can discover that salt and chocolate actually is a good combination whereas one might not think that by hearing it for the first time.



What is your advice for other young entrepreneurs or artists?
Words from Alan Watts have inspired me: “What would you do if money were no object? Then, do just that. When you have specific interest in something, there are always people who are interested as well. When you are a master in the thing you like doing, there is always a market for it. Actually, the only way to become a master in something is to actually do something you love.”

I think there is some great practical advices in these sentences.

You can find the beautiful photographs of Alexander Sporre at our van Woustraat location and make sure to follow him on Instagram

Hutspot products

In this post we show you which items can’t be missed on your summer holiday, but still stay true to our proud little country, color wise.






Hutspot_trui met streepjes_4

Photo no. 1 | Komono sunglasses | €49,95,- | available at all our stores
Photo no. 2 | Hammam34 towel | €34,95,- | available at all our stores
Photo no. 3 | Olio de Ritis | €14,90,- | available at Hutspot van Woustraat
Photo no. 4 | Pizza Book | €25,- | available at our Amsterdam stores
Photo no. 5 | Stieglitz t-shirt | €75 (now on sale with 30%) | available at our Amsterdam stores

Hutspot Tips | July

There is so much to see and do! So, each month we share our favorite places to go, things to eat, things to see and experiences you must enjoy, as well as awesome and innovating new companies, artists and entrepreneurs to keep an eye on. Check out our Hutspot Tips of July.


Master of Light – Robby Müller

This summer EYE is presenting its next big exhibition: Master of Light – Robby Müller: Cinematographer of Wim Wenders, Jim Jarmusch, Lars von Trier and Steve McQueen. This Dutch artist has been praised internationally for his revolutionary camerawork and his expertise in lighting. 

Müller is presenting films from his personal archive consisting out of countless videotapes on which he has recorded his life in a diary-like manner. You will also see classics, such as Björk dancing in a factory, Johnny Depp floating seawards in a canoe, and Nastassja Kinski wearing a bright-red top. Robby Müller is responsible for these and countless other memorable film moments from modern classics. Enough reason to visit EYE from now until the 4th of September.



Huize Druivelaar

For those who are passing through the south, we forbid you to miss Huize Druivelaar. This 100-year old vinery and has been rebuilt into a beautiful and cozy guesthouse surrounded by a huge garden too. 


Huize Druivelaar belongs to two artists who were looking for a living- and work space to practice their photography and ceramics. They ran in to this plantation and renovated the whole building, perserving the vineyard and all of the other characteristic features. Even the location is convenient at walking distance from the centre of Breda. It’s safe to say it’s the perfect weekend getaway!


Circadian Clock

We have slowly seen clocks disappear out of interior, as we have the time on all kinds of devices around us. This is a real shame if you ask us. We plead for clocks to come back as an eye-catcher and have we ever found the right one to start this revolution of with; the Circadian Clock.


This Circadian clock seems to give an analogue impression, but turns from white to black (or the other way around) as time passes. It’s a design by an American industrial design student; Dan Taylor. His e-paper display allows the viewer to intuitively distinguish the passage of time even in locations without windows. It’s perfect for any urban of minimalistic interior.

Rooftop Cinema

From the 8th of July until the 30th of September Cinemec in Utrecht offers you the possibility to watch movies under the starry sky. They are the first cinema in the Netherlands that are able to show movies on a large scale on their own rooftop!


The rooftop cinema will only be open on evenings when the weather gods are good to us. Because no one wants to see Daniel Graig saving the ever so beautiful Lea Seydoux in Spectre while sitting in the rain, even though this sounds pretty romantic in a way. Check out their exact agenda here.


EuroPride 2016

This years gay pride will be an extra special one. Because this year Amsterdam will host the EuroPride from the 23rd of July until the 7th of August.


Some of you might have heard of the EuroPride before some of you might not. And that’s why we decided to feature it in our tips of July. EuroPride is a two weeks program filled with events such as Milkshake Festival, Pink Saturday at the Vondelpark, open air cinema at the Nieuwmarkt and of course the traditional canal parade! Check out the full schedule here and remember everyone is free to love!

We hope you enjoy our monthly tips. Do you have a tip about what you think is worth to visit, watch, eat at or listen to? Please let us know by sending an email to, and who knows we might include your tip in our next list.

Samsøe & Samsøe and Selected Homme

As you may now, we have a real love for Scandinavia. It’s because of their gorgeous landscapes and amazing cities, but mostly we just love the brands that evolve in the north! Today we shine a light on two of them that specialize in timeless items for the men. They are Samsøe & Samsøe and Selected Homme. These brands were the centre of attention for our latest lookbook shoot.





Photo no.1 | Selected Homme | Wobow shirt | €39,95
Photo no.1 | Samsøe & Samsøe | Simon shorts luta | €89,00
Photo no.2 | Selected Homme | Light bomber jacket | €79,95
Photo no.2 | Samsøe & Samsøe | David sweater | €99,00
Photo no.3 | Selected Homme | Donecal shirt | €59,95
Photo no.4 | Samsøe & Samsøe | Kidd shirt | €129,00
Photo no.5 | Selected Homme | Twolinus shirt | €39,95
Photo no.5 | Samsøe & Samsøe | Simon shorts natura | €89,00
Photo no.6 | Samsøe & Samsøe | David sweater | €99,00



Hutspot Interviews | Equanimity

Time to chat with Sol Wortelboer; owner and founder of Equanimity. Sol used to be a freelancer in the television world, where you might recognize him from various productions such as MTV’s 6pack, Peking Express and Xite. Besides television, he also has a huge passion for yoga and meditation. He translated this into his own brand of headwear by the name of Equanimity. We are so happy to have these cool hats at Hutspot. Get to know Sol and how he started his own brand in the interview below.


What is Equanimity and how did it come to be?
Equanimity is something that is within us. It has always been there and it will always be there. The only thing is that we tend to forget that we have it. That we can master it by the practice of meditation. Unshakable balance of mind. I have experienced it during my first 10-day silence retreat. I made it my mission to spread this word, make people curious about the meaning behind it, once learning about Equanimity, make them curious about the experience.

Do you remember the first time someone bought your product?
A couple of months ago we had the launch of our brand. During this special event our best friends and family came together to celebrate this moment. Also buying the first hats and doing so supporting us and the children of the Maratika monastery in eastern Nepal whom we donate a share of the profit to. The feeling was sensational! After more then two years of preparation, the moment was finally there. Not to long ago I saw somebody biking around with our hat for the first time, it made my day! So happy to see people enjoying what we’ve created.

_C8B3276 _C8B3283

What have been the up- and downsides of having your own brand?
In every way the upside is having an own business. Creating something new. Not having 21 days of holidays but a constant drive for something that you don’t call work, because you love it. Also the fact that you learn along the way and slowly succeed in realising your dream is amazing. The downside would be time. I wish I had more, but accepting it the way it is also gives you a peace of mind.

What are you most proud of?
The fact that we have made it so far. From the first moment this idea came to me to the moment where you bump into someone who wears your cap.  Also the beautiful collaboration with my visuals partners TommyNLance Photography and Eyeforce productions who joined me from the start in visualising our mission. They blow me away and I couldn’t me more grateful.


How does Equanimity make the world a better place?
Equanimity makes the world a better place. Every single person who has   experienced it can tell you this. Experiencing equanimity will result in having more inner piece, less worry and of course a happier life. The only thing we can do is reach as much people as we can and tell them this great thing we all possess.

If you could work together with any person, dead or alive, who would it be? Why?
The great Buddha himself. He is the one who came to these senses and was able to pass on this great wisdom that changed and can still change the world. This great knowledge that creates more happiness, love and compassion. I would totally see him rocking our caps while sitting under a tree and teaching us how to experience Equanimity. It would be the greatest collab in history!

What is your advice for other young entrepreneurs?
Follow your dream, make it work, don’t hesitate and never stop.


You can find the awesome caps from Equanimity at Hutspot van Woustraat in Amsterdam and in Hutspot Utrecht

New in store

The new season has come bearing gifts! They are the brands and products we have welcomed to our stores. See them here for yourself and make sure you don’t miss out.


Photo no. 1 | Things I Like Things I Love | baby shoes | €9,95 | available at Hutspot van Woustraat and Hutspot Utrecht
Photo no. 2 | Spruitje | Pannenkoek Plant | €25,00 | available at all our stores
Photo no. 3 | Saskia van Wijngaarden | Maken | €19,95 | available at Hutspot van Woustraat
Photo no. 4 | Laveos | Bars on a Rope |  €12,95 | available at Hutspot van Woustraat
Photo no. 5 | Frama | Atelier Bulb | €25,00 | available at all our stores

Doing the Laundry | Tim and Daan

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It’s time for another laundry session! You’ll know these guys from Streetlab; a TV show full of social experiments so awkward they make your skin crawl, but so funny you’ll be laughing with tears. They have taken the Dutch TV by storm and have just finished their third season and were nominated for the Televizierring. You can imagine we were very excited to meet Tim Senders and Daan Boom, two of the great minds behind all of this.

hutspot, hutspot amsterdam, hutspot utrecht, conceptstore, streetlab, photoshoot, tim senders, daan boom,

Where did it all start for Streetlab and how did it evolve into a big TV hit?
D: It all started when I was in high school. I saved up enough money to buy a camera and we began to make television shows for our school. We would do experiments such as “Can you cut class with a bunch of first graders?” We went on making these types of videos for about ten years and then we joined the production company CCCP. There Streetlab evolved into a concept.

T: Because we have known each other for so long, our friendship plays a big part in the show. As a viewer you are kind of like the fifth friend of the group. We make up social experiments from our own fascinations, for example: “Can Stijn make his dream of becoming a professional soccer player come true?” or “As a kid you often got your way if you would start crying. Would this still work as an adult?”

How do you come up with all of these assignments? What do you have as a source of inspiration?
D: The ideas come to us during different moments. Sometimes it happens in an organized brainstorm session and sometimes when we’re just hanging in a bar. A big source of inspiration is daily situations that cause for awkwardness.

T: These situations are often recognizable to anyone. Every guy has wondered what the best way is to hit on a girl. Well, we have too and so we make an item out of it. We can really enjoy those awkward moments when someone is vulnerable.

You have just finished Streetlab’s third season. What was for each of you your favorite item this season?
D: It was our dream to make a movie with big, famous actors, but of course we didn’t have the money to spend on it. So, we went off to catch famous actors in the wild! Without them knowing, all of a sudden they would end up in a scene with one of us. This was absolutely my favorite item of last season.

T: We grew up with the Backstreetboys and the Spice Girls, so we decided we wanted to start our own boyband. Last season we took part in a German talent show Das Supertalent, where we completely bombed. This season we wanted to see if we could gain popularity if we would announce our separation as a boyband. We recorded a farewell song together with Renee Froger and soon enough it spread over the internet like wildfire.

How does all the public attention interfere with the ability to make your show?
D: It’s getting harder and harder to make our show, because we are being recognized very often lately. We can still manage, but it just takes a little longer to finish. We have decided next season to record outside of Holland.

T: We will still be doing the same types of experiments, but this time it will transform into a travel show.

StreetlabHutspot11 StreetlabHutspot10

Have you ever said no to a certain assignment? What would go to far for you?
D: I don’t recall ever declining a certain idea. When we are trying to think of new experiments all kinds of concepts will be on the table, but there is only a small portion we use. An idea goes too far for me when it becomes unpleasant or nasty.

T: We often decide who does what experiment by picking the person who is dreading it the most. And because that person is feeling the most awkward the situation becomes truly painful. But after filming we always explain to people what happened, because we want it to be funny for everyone involved. We want to make sure that we are the ones who are made fun of, not the people we interact with.

Daan, what would you like to give Tim credit for? Tim what would you like to give Daan credit for?
D: Tim has the eye of a director. He sees where a funny situation could unfold and knows how to make it happen. He is a strong conceptual thinker too.

T: Daan often can tell what will really work on TV. He knows how to make a situation thrilling for the viewers or when something is genuinely funny or not. Besides this he is a good editor. His feeling for timing makes it very hilarious.


Where could we find you when you’re not working on the show, for example on an average Sunday?
D: On the soccer field. My friend and I play in a team together. That being said, I’m pretty bad at playing soccer, so most of my time is spent on the bench. Besides that I go to the movies pretty often.

T: Next to filming with my friends, I like making music and I spin records at parties regularly. My typical Sunday is a lot less active though; I usually do absolutely nothing but eat, work out or watch movies.

If you could pick anyone to work with, who would this be and what would this collaboration look like?
D: I would really like to work with Ricky Gervais. I admire him greatly for his creative mind and oeuvre. I even got to meet him once. I would love to make a series with him.

T: If it would be possible to meet Charlie Chaplin, I think that would be so cool. As a kid I got a DVD box of his as a birthday present and I became fascinated by his short slapstick films. Chaplin acted, directed and composed his own movies. I am very curious about how it would be if Charlie Chaplin were able to make a movie these days and what that would look like.

What Hutspot pieces are you wearing and why did you pick these outfits?
D: I like finding the perfect balance between casual and proper. This is why I chose the sandy suit with the striped T-shirt underneath.

T: I love eye-catchers, basics with something different. That’s why I am really into the prints on these swimming trunks, they’re so cool.



Tim & Daan are wearing:

Photo no. 1, 2 & 3  |  Tim: Ontour shirt €70,- | Won Hundred slacks €175,- | Manitou socks €7,- | Native North sunglasses €135,- | all available at all our stores |
Daan: Won Hundred slacks  €175,- | WH coat €440,- | Manitou socks €7,- | Brandt & Levie book €27,50 | Native North sunglasses €135,- | available at all our stores | Wood Wood longsleeve €95,- | available at
Hutspot van Woustraat and Utrecht |
Photo no. 4, 5 & 6  Tim: Wood Wood bomber jacket €250,- | available at Hutspot van Woustraat and Utrecht | Ontour Provo Chino €85,- | RVLT white shirt €29,95,- available at all our stores |
Daan: Native North shirt €95,- and shorts €125,- | available at all our stores
Photo no. 7  | Nikben swimshorts €95,- | Ontour Breeze polo €70,- | available at all our stores

In all photos the guys are wearing the Renard Grande Silver Gun Burgundy €269,- and Elite Champagne Gold Brown Croco €169,- watches | available at all our stores

Stay up to date with Tim and Daan: @streetlabtv

Samsøe & Samsøe Female

Get to know Samsøe & Samsøe! This Scandinavian brand will be your best friend when let into your closet. Established in Copenhagen in 1993, they have always strived to develop an attractive, market-oriented and international design inspired by ideas of freedom and simplicity. With raw details as well as tailored details, their collection is designed to match trends and tendencies of the present time. You can’t go wrong with these pieces and some of them are now on sale with 30%!


Photo no.1 | Maj shirt ls | €99,-
Photo no.2 | Apin O-neck stripe | €119,-
Photo no.2 | Tuersen pants | €119,-
Photo no.3| Agnes tee | €69,- | Stamford pants | €119,- | Mon Okel sunglasses €120,-
Photo no.4 | Mains tee | €89,- | Tuersen pants | €119,-
Photo no.5 | Caico shirt | €79,- | Selected Femme | Alex MW Denim Shorts | €49,95
Photo no.6 | Agnete tee | 59,-
Photo no.7 | Ria long jacket | €169,- | Agnes tee | €69,- | Tuersen pants | €119,-

Samsøe & Samsøe is available at Hutspot Rozengracht. 

Hutspot Tips | June

Each month we share our favorite places to go, things to eat, things to see and experiences you must enjoy. We will also share with you awesome and innovating new companies, artists and entrepreneurs to keep an eye on. These are our five Hutspot Tips for June.


The Adventurers of Contemporary Art

We are looking forward hugely to a new must-see on TV this summer. You may know Close-up for its weekly documentaries about art, architecture, design and fashion. This time they are showing a documentary series about the famous artists living in Paris in the first half of the 20th century. These are important names, such at Picasso, Matisse or Dan Franck and all kinds of other artistic innovators. 

What makes the documentary even more special is the combination between the used images from movie archives and animations by illustrator Amélie Harrault. For those who can’t wait until its on TV to see it, the Vondel CS is hosting a day with this old style Paris theme. The series will be shown here as well as hosting other lovely activities. There is no entrance fee and the first episode starts at 13.00.

Lunar Globe

Looking for a new interior eye-catcher? Why not just get the moon? It is an actual replica of what the real moon looks like including all its craters and landscapes, by the name of MOON. Using data from NASA it’s the most realistic scale ever made. The LED lights circling the MOON show which parts of the moon are visual at what time.


It’s not available for sale yet though. MOON was a huge crowd funding project which doubled its target amount and the campaign is still going! It doesn’t surprise us though, this product brings design, science and technologie together to one interesting product. So keep an eye out for MOON, which we be on the market soon.

Microgarden Kit

Being a big fan of Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine, we were very exited to hear about their next invention; the Microgarden Kit. It contains a reusable and renewable sheet of plastic which folds into a self-contained greenhouse. It has come forward out of a collaboration with indoor farming startup INFARM to create a never-before-seen indoor growing kit – so anyone can grow their own microgreens at home. 

The Microgarden uses transparent seaweed based agar-agar gel as a growing medium, and it has many benefits. It allows the Microgarden to remain self-contained – which means you will never have to water the microgreens. Their roots absorb moisture from the gel. The clear gel also allows the home-farmer to see and experience the whole growing process, from when the seeds sprout to the roots growth. The greenhouses’ walls cut the agar-agar gel in to six slices of still living greens. So you can choose to have only one slice or to put the whole greenhouse directly on the table to serve from. To order a kit visit Infarm’s website


We all know Rijsel as our favorite rotisserie for its gorgeous interior and French cuisine. The owners have now opened their second restaurant by the name of Scheepskameel. It is located on the Marineterrein in Amsterdam , where they are transforming the whole area into the new startup hub. With this cool place evolving a great restaurant cannot miss out. It’s safe to say Scheepskameel fully lives up to this. 


So, what is there to expect? First of all you’ll notice the stunning interior by Niels Wouters, owner of Hotel de Goudfazant and the now closed pink pop up restaurant Citroen. Apparently there was nothing in this space before, so they built the restaurant from scratch. The kitchen has been divided in four parts, which is equal to the four courses in the menu. This menu consists out of simple dishes so the food and wine speaks for themselves and it is printed on a4 piece of paper as it changes so often. The idea is to share and pick one dish per category in the order you prefer. So be sure to make your reservation well in time, as Scheepskameel is the new place to be.

I am 17

Remember those teenage years full of bad hair do’s and awkwardness? Inspired on the book ‘We are 17’ by Johan van der Keuken, documentary photographer Martijn van Griendt visited house parties, school proms and outside hangouts for many years to capture teens in their social habitats. The result of this is an exposition in the Melkweg you can’t miss.

Since 1994 Martijn van Griendt has followed this age group closely publishing different books, such as Smokin’Boys SmokinGirls and Finding Emo about alternative teens. One of his favorite places to spot them has always been the Museum Plein, where hundreds of youngsters hang out during the day (even though many of them admitted to Martijn never to have been in a museum). I am 17  will be shown in the Melkweg until the 26th of June.

We hope you enjoy our Hutspot Tips lists. Missed the previous tips? Take a look here.

Lookbook RVLT

This week we would like to show off one of our favorite brands; RVLT. This Danish brand has devoted itself to creating amazing pieces for everyday life. It makes for a collections with pieces that are always on point. So for great quality at a very good price, come over to the Hutspot closest to you and see RVLT for yourself. We would love to show you an impression of what to expect.








Photo no. 1 | crew sweat with rolled edges | €59,95
Photo no. 2 | cotton striped tee | €34,95
Photo no. 2 | nylon navy shorts | €49,95
Photo no. 3 | curved hem raglan knitted | €69,95
Photo no. 3 | used wash shorts | €69,95
Photo no. 4 | cotton slub tee striped | €34,95
Photo no. 5 | round neck tee with rolled edges | €29,95
Photo no. 5 | cotton shirt striped melange fabric | €79,95
Photo no. 5 | used wash shorts | €69,95
Photo no. 6 | cotton/spandex denim shirt | €79,95
Photo no. 6 | crew sweat without rib | €59,95
Photo no. 7 | cotton striped tee | €34,95
Photo no. 7 | nylon navy shorts | €49,95