Hutspot SS17 Editorial

Our stores are slowly but surely getting filled with the lovely ss17 collections. That’s why we decided to create a Hutspot editorial to show you what to expect this season. We shot the images at the beautiful Het Gymlokaal in Amsterdam West. We hope you like it!




HutspotSS17-41 HutspotSS17-8WEB

Models: Daan van Citters & Andrea Alvarez
Styling: Vivian van Miert
Brands included in the serie: Samsoe Samsoe, Won Hundred, Side Party, Selected Femme/Homme, Elka, Felt Atelier, W.A.C., Ontour and Revolution!

Hutspot Music x Roos van Rij

For our second Hutspot Music we’ve asked Amsterdam based creative director and photographer Roos van Rij to put together her favorite songs! Roos is mostly known for her work at the successful brand The lovers and Drifters Club, but is also a busy bee working on other exciting projects as a freelance photographer. Get to know this creative volcano better in the interview below and most importantly by listening to her playlist which you can find at the end of this post.




How important is music to you? 
Music is almost as important to me as my passion for photography. I listen to music all day long. I love dreaming and fantasizing and what better way to do this than with music. Also, my mother is an extremely musical woman. She studied at the Conversatorium, and raised me with music all day. She would play the piano every night, while we would lay in our beds listening to her singing and playing. She taught me a lot about music. From jazz, to classical musical, to hiphop/r&b, soul and dance.

We asked you to put together a playlist for us, what was the first song that came into mind and why?
The first song that popped in my mind was ONRA – LOVE TIP (feat. Mc Melodee). Because it translates my mood at this point!

How do you combine music and photography?
I combine music a lot with photography. For example if I need to create a new concept for The Lovers & Drifters Club, I put on tunes that give me certain emotions. I like to create content with music.

Music is often about memories. Can you name one song and tell a memory about it?
Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s one of the songs my mom used to put on when I was little. I really grew up with the music of Queen, and I still think it’s legendary!

Most beautiful piece of music of all time?
Mozart – Lacrimosa.

What are you working on right now? And where can we find your work?
I’m always working! Currently we are brainstorming and planning our next trip to New York, and Los Angeles for the brand The Lovers & Drifters Club. SS17 is coming and it’s going to be amazing. Also, I have an art-project coming up for Lois Jeans, and first exhibition 23 feb – SAVE THE DATE!

What inspires you?
EVERYTHING <3 LIFE inspires me!


Eindhoven highlighted by Cleo Goossens

Since we will be opening a store in Eindhoven in the first week of March, we asked Eindhoven based Creative Director and Photographer Cleo Goossens to share her vision on the city with us.. We have been following Cleo for a while now and are truly in love with her work.

Besides being a fulltime photographer, Cleo and her boyfriend also own a webshop together, called Sun of Wolves.




This is my dog, Wolf. This is a photo I took of him near the Blob at the 18 September square. 


EHV_CDTEEK_CleoGoossens4kopie  One of my favorite places in Eindhoven is the CD teek. A record store at ‘de Kleine Berg’. I really love coming here, they have a big selection of new and secondhand vinyl. 

Eindhoven als achtergrond 04



Ketelhuis is a restaurant. A very nice place where I come quite often.






Here you see the PSV stadium. Because of my boyfriend I started liking soccer. I really love going to a PSV soccer game! I think it’s truly special that the stadium is in the middle of the city. You really share that “Eindhoven feeling” with everyone, a feeling that every true citizen of Eindhoven knows!



One of my favorite lunch spots in Eindhoven, where they have fresh made soup every day. I highly recommend this place! 

Make sure to check out Cleo’s work at or her web shop 

Hutspot Tips | February


Moonlight is a new movie about a young boy called Chiron. He grows up in the ghetto of Miami, and his mother is addicted to drugs. Moonlight makes a jump in time and shows how Chiron has learned as a teenager how to hide his homosexuality for others. In the slums of Miami there is no space for someone like him.


Moonlight has just been released but is already a great success. It has gotten 7 Oscar nominations. Moonlight is available in all cinemas now. Watch the trailer here.

ResQ Club

Meet the coolest app in the App Store, ResQ club. ResQ sells you meals or drinks from great restaurants, that otherwise would be thrown away. Because every day over 10% of prepared restaurant food is thrown away, even though it’s still in good condition. ResQ prevents this food from turning into waste by making it effortless to sell it as discounted take away meals.


More and more restaurants are participating with ResQ. want to sign up? take a look here.


OBJECT Rotterdam Fair

OBJECT is a platform for well-known and and upcoming designers. All disciplines of design will be shown here. OBJECT is the place where design, crafts, fashion, architecture and art minded-people come and it is a must see for collectors, professionals and designers.


The Object Rotterdam fair will be held at ss Rotterdam, the former flagship of the Holland America Line. The fair is in the weekend of Friday 10, Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 February.


Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam Love Tour

In the weekend before Valentine’s Day, go to the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam! They organize a special “love tour”, where you’ll see very famous love plants. Enjoy together a tour full of romance, love and much more.


On the 13th of February this Valentine’s Tour costs €3,50 and on the 14th the tour is Free!


Nacht voor de Nacht


One ticket, to visit all the parties that Amsterdam has to offer. Yes, it is possible on the 25th of February  when “Nacht voor de Nacht” (Night for the Night) takes place. You can buy a passepartout which gives you access to more than 20 nightclubs. From De School, Disco Dolly, Claire and a lot more.

Prior to Nacht voor de Nacht the Open Door Club is organized: people that live in the surrounding areas of nightclubs can take a look to the participating clubs and meet with the people that work in the club, to stimulate mutual understanding. In addition, a free program of debates and art is also available at de Balie. There will be various people speaking about diversity. For only €15 you can buy your tickets here.


We hope you enjoy our monthly tips. Do you have a tip about what you think is worth to visit, watch, eat at or listen to? Please let us know by sending an email to, and who knows we might include your tip in our next list.

Exhibition “Project Side Project”


From the 26th of January till the 2nd of February we team up with heartvertising agency KOKORO Amsterdam. Together we make possible “Project Side Project” where we aim to inspire people to pursue their dreams. That’s why we want to invite you to the exhibition at our van Woustraat store.

People that work in the creative industry, but at the same time work on their own personal projects are the perfect example of people that are pursuing their dreams. Personal projects that people put their heart and soul into, working well into the night. There’s no client, no deadline and usually not a lot of people who know about these projects, which are all done in addition to your day-to-day work. This is a common phenomenon among many people working in the creative sector.

That’s why KOKORO Amsterdam and Hutspot are hosting “Project Side Project”, in which we bring 8 side projects out of the shadow.


The video’s below give a sneak peak on the 8 creatives and their projects


Frans Karthaus – Amsterdam Unlocked

‘In 2011 I found a U-shaped piece of metal on my doorstep. It turned out to be a sawn-off part of a chain lock. In the following weeks, I kept finding more and more similar pieces of metal, left behind as silent witnesses to a bicycle theft or removal by the municipality. Together they symbolize the unique story about a city that has more bicycles than people, a city that is struggling with its own growth.’


Stefan ‘Phynta’ Da Costa Gomez – Classic Hollywoo3D Paintings

‘Some people believe that a creative concept is born by merging two existing concepts. This painting project serves as an example: it combines the classic craft of painting with digital 3D techniques. So far, I have created a series of eight portraits that cryptically reveal the demise of a number of icons from the Golden Age of Hollywood. I want to do 2 to 4 more paintings, and then I would really like to exhibit the complete series.’


Bas van de Poel – Countdown To Singularity 

‘Experts predict that artificial intelligence will exceed human intellectual capacity and control by 2045. This event, known as the Singularity, will forever change the course of human history. Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla and SpaceX) even calls the prospect of  super intelligent machines humanity’s greatest existential threat. To this end I invited a group of multidisciplinary artists to bring the most prominent doom scenarios to life.’


Marc Vermeeren – Chrome Country

‘Due to films like Paris, Texas and Badlands, the US has been a great inspiration to me since I was young. In 2011 I chose to make the journey without leaving. I wanted to explore and document the country at my own pace, focusing on states, cities and towns that I was unfamiliar with. I found that I didn’t even have to use my camera. I took every ‘photograph’ at home with my own computer via Google Street View. Meanwhile, I have explored every corner of the US, taking some 1,500 photos. The time has come to finish my trip.’


Richard Raaphorst – Profundis a movie in the making

‘In March of last year my creative partner Sarina Reilingh and I won the Imagine Pitch Contest with our film project The Profundis. Part of the prize was to go to the Frontières Co- Production Market in Montreal, in order to recruit international partners, sales agents and co-producers. The Profundis is a film in development. The story is about rebels who use a submarine to smuggle weapons in the near future, when civilization has been destroyed by global warming. Eventually, they will begin smuggling biological weapons for a radical Christian sect, and then the story really takes off…’


Ad van Dongen – Nosferatu in Vietnam

‘In 2014 -2015, I spent a sabbatical year in South East Asia. During that year I wanted to stay and work in one location for a while so I could really live the Asian life.Together with the Metropole Orchestra I once gave live concerts to accompany the screening of a film classic. I wanted to do the same thing in Vietnam. I chose the film Nosferatu from 1922 by director F. W. Murnau. It’s the story of Dracula, without sound, and therefore without music. The idea was to write new music for the film together with a group of Conservatoire students, and perform it around Christmas with the Conservatoire’s student orchestra.’


Güney Soykan – Face of a Nation

‘Face of a Nation creates portraits of different nations, based on their leaders of the last 50 years. When these portraits are displayed side by side, you can immediately see the difference in the political vision of these different cultures. Some portraits consist of ten to twenty faces, others of only three faces. This way you get subtle clues about political communication differences and shifting power in politics through the years.’


Ewoudt Boonstra – Innocent Targets

‘Today, there are an estimated 18,000 shooting ranges in operation in America. Many of these shooting ranges sell custom practice targets picturing criminals, terrorists, aliens and zombies. However, the painful and ironic truth is that the actual victims of gun violence aren’t these fictional “bad guys”, but our real-life friends, neighbours, co-workers and children. The posters are available for purchase at with proceeds going to The Coalition To Stop Gun Violence.’

Valentine’s Day

Hello Hutspot lovers, with Valentine’s Day coming up, we want to get in the mood. That’s why we’ve selected some Valentine’s Day gift suggestions which you can find below. Whether you’re looking for something special for a secret crush, the perfect gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend or you just want to show someone how much they mean to you… we are here to help!

IMG_8252 copy





Photo nr. 1 |
My Happy Soap “Rose” and “Santal” both €8,00,-

Photo nr. 2 |
The Marilyn bra, €35,00,-
Crisp Sheets “Love Always” card, €3,95,-

Photo nr. 3 |
Bensenhaver grooming oil “Bosqua”, €18,00,-
Moments of Light “A Ridiculously Romantic Tea Bath”, €5,95,-

Photo nr. 4 |
Choco & Things “Nib” €3,29,-
Felt Atelier  “Sherri Gold” €22,50,-

Photo nr. 5 |
Bensenhaver “Pocket knife” €14,95,-

Hutspot Interviews | Jungle of Oz

If you’ve been to our van Woustraat store, there’s a big chance you’ve already seen her or her products. We’re talking about Ozzie, our employee for already quite some time now who started a brand for herself, and it’s called Jungle of Oz.

How did your brand come about?
A year and a half ago, I started to love plants. I was buying lots of plants for my house. I wanted to make the plant family bigger and bigger. At one moment I needed to stop buying plants for my house, because my little apartment in Amsterdam was getting crazy. So I started to buy plants for my friends and I was helping them with turning their houses into a jungle. Since it really became an addiction for me, my dream was to have a pop up store and travel with all my plants around the world. I work at Hutspot since almost day one, and I thought that the best place to start Jungle of Oz is at Hutspot!

How did it feel when someone bought one of your products?
It felt so awesome! I took a picture of the first three customers. They were happy and I was even happier.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Having my own plant shop in a city that has a lot of sun, green and ocean.

What are you most proud of?
I’m proud of the fact that I started this journey, and how fast these past few months went by. There was a lot of time pressure. I’m also really proud of the amount of people who really like it. You’ll never know if people are going to like it or not. But that’s the risk you take for something that you really love to do.


Where do you get your inspiration?
I was buying lots of plants for my house so I met a lot of plant people. I also went to Australia where I met more plant people. There was one girl and she was a plant stylist. I never heard of that before so I started a research about being a plant stylist. After that moment I wanted to become one.

If you could work with any person, dead or alive, who would it be? Why?
Johnny Depp. Because I think that all the girls around the whole world would come to my plants to buy them.


What is your advice for other young entrepreneurs or artists?
Nothing is impossible, and never stop doing what you love! And do everything that is possible to do what you love to do.

And how do you see your future at Hutspot growing?
Lovely. I hope that we can make more out of this little plant corner of mine!


How did working at Hutspot inspire you to start something for yourself?
I have been working at Hutspot for quite some time now, and I was always working with nice brands around me. It inspired me because I could see that all those brand owners were doing something that they love.

Imagine your working space is burning & you can only save 3 things from it – What would these 3 things be?
My laptop, my camera and my Elizabeth Arden lipbalm. Maybe some plants but they’re heavy, haha.

Ozzie’s Jungle of Oz is available at our Hutspot van Woustraat store. 

Hutspot Interviews | Inge de Leeuw of IFFR

Meet Inge de Leeuw: a feature film programmer for the International Film Festival Rotterdam. She studied Cultural Studies in Rotterdam and Film & Television Studies in Utrecht, and that combined with her experience in film production got her the job! She started working at IFFR’s programme department in 2005, becoming a programmer in 2010. Inge selects feature films for IFFR from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland.


Hi Inge! What intrigues you about film?
I’d have to say the creativity and the way film combines all different disciplines and visual culture in one experience. I’m also really interested in doing research of new forms of filmmaking for the future.

What is your favourite part of working for IFFR?
Definitely the fact that I get to see a lot of beautiful films, made by a lot of young, creative and very talented filmmakers and artists. Also the ability to share these films that may never be shown otherwise with the people of Rotterdam (and the rest of the Netherlands of course!)

What is your favourite thing about Rotterdam?
My favorite thing about Rotterdam is that you can feel all the creativity all around you. That, combined with the fresh energy and space, makes Rotterdam perfect for me.


Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Where can we find you when
 youre not busy with work, and what’s your favorite hangout in Rotterdam?
Probably drinking the best coffee of Rotterdam, at de Zeeuwse Meisjes at Deliplein!

What do you like about the Hutspot concept?
I have always liked curated shops, where you can find unique products that are chosen with care and  vision. I think Hutspot is exactly this kind of store and it’s great that they are now in Rotterdam too.

Can you name a few films that we should look out for during the IFFR?

Hermia and Helena by Matias Piñeiro and António Um Dois Três by Leonardo Mouramateu
Both films create worlds where you don’t exactly know where reality ends and fiction begins. Two very charming films, about modern day romance, theatre and everyday life in Portugal, New York and Buenos Aires.

Park by Sophia Exarchou
Beautiful portrait of a lost generation. Equally coming-of-age drama and social realism.

Self-criticism of a Bourgeois Dog by Julian Radlmaier
Very fresh, funny political comedy on living and filmmaking – with magical twists.

Paterson by Jim Jarmusch
A beautiful film about the love and the poetry of normal life.

Moonlight by Barry Jenkins
I think this may be the best American film that has been made this year. It’s very poetic, beautifully shot and it’s about the life of a black man as he grows up and struggles with the exploration of his identity and sexuality. Won the Golden Globe for Best Drama and is an Oscar favourite as well.

Prevenge by Alice Lowe
I love Alice Lowe, she is a great actress and with this debut film she also shows she is a wonderful director and great screenwriter. It’s a humorous, feminist horror film that makes mincemeat of romantic notions of pregnancy.

Make sure to keep an eye out on the website of IFFR because they will be announcing their complete program this Wednesday and the ticket sale will start Friday the 20th!


Inge is wearing:

Jacket – Won Hundred
Skirt – Side Party
Shirt – Selected Femme

Available at all our stores

Hutspot x EYE

After a very successful edition of “spending the night” at Foam, we decided to end this year with another edition, this time at EYE. And last thursday, Jill Vink and her grandmother Roelien were the lucky ones to spend the night at this unique location. Together with our partners muun, Zo Goed Als Oud and HAY we decorated the room and turned it into a beautiful suite. Also W Hotel Amsterdam supplied them with towels, bathrobes and a lot more to make the night complete. Jill’s letter stood out because we thought it was special that she wanted to take her grandmother with her, who she’s really close with. Their motto is “One can always dream”, so it was such a pleasure that we were able to make a dream become reality.

Upon the arrival of Jill and Roelien, we welcomed them to EYE with a nice tour in and around the building. They had dinner in the EYE restaurant, afterwards enjoyed the movie Neruda and of course had a lovely night of sleep (we even heard that they haven’t slept that well in months). Below you find some images of how the room was decorated! Also would love to win a night in such a unique location? Make sure to keep an eye out, because in the new year we will turn more spaces into beautiful suites for a night.

IMG_3183 hutspotxeye1 unnamed-2


hutspotxeye10 hutspotxeye4 hutspotxeye9 IMG_3206

Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the brands that we sell at Hutspot.
Vase and pillows by Fest Amsterdam

Book by MENDO
Cups by Bone Amsterdam
Plant by Pikaplant
All brands available at all our stores.

Christmas gift suggestions

Christmas is already right around the corner, and besides for it being a lovely time and a moment to be with your loved ones and family it can also be a stressful time. Because what to give your mother, brother or lover? Don’t worry, that’s where we come in. We’ve selected some Christmas gift suggestions which you can find below. De-stress and easily shop our our selected gift ideas at one of our stores. (And perhaps, you’ll have some extra time and money left to treat yourself on something nice).






Capture d’écran 2016-11-24 à 12.33.32_Hutspot





Capture d’écran 2016-11-24 à 12.34.03_Hutspot





Capture d’écran 2016-11-24 à 12.35.11_Hutspot


Capture d’écran 2016-11-24 à 12.35.22_Hutspot



Preedit1_Hutspot Xmassssss