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Next to all of the hard work we put into offering you the best products and events, we sometimes get to go out ourselves. That’s why we will share with you our favorite places to go, things to see and experiences you must enjoy every first week of the new month.

We are starting with Paolo Sorrentino’s newest masterpiece La Giovinnezza (Youth)and it is definitely a must-see!

Youth_00271_picture by Gianni Fiorito

Just sit down, lean back and let this beautiful movie unfold it’s magic over you. It all takes place in dreamy Switzerland where two old men are living out their days in a luxurious hotel. They look back on their lives, all of the missed opportunities and wonder if this is all that life has to offer. It may sound sad, but Sorrentino shows their struggles in a warm and hilarious manner.

La Giovannezza is Sorrentino’s second award winning movie, following up La Grande Bellezza (2013). We promise the movie will give you joy, laughter and it even has a strange relaxing effect. It’s shown in almost all small movie theaters. We recommend the Rialto, an old fashioned arthouse theatre in Amsterdam, which was first opened in 1921. The authenticity and feeling of the theater definitely brings watching the movie to a whole other level.


Ricardo Bofill 


Don’t you just love dreaming about what your perfect house or studio would look like? Whenever we get in this mood, we take a look at Ricardo Bofill’s ‘La Fábrica’ A quick visit will be difficult, because it’s not around the corner, but it’s till a location we advise you to keep in mind. It’s also a good excuse to travel to Barcelona some time soon..

The Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill found a disused cement factory and turned the eight remaining silo’s into a working enviroment. And not only that, he restored the biggest open space into ‘The Cathedral’ where expositions, concerts and a whole range of cultural activities take place. Bofill’s kept a lot of original industrial features and combined them with his modern, gothic style. So just in case you don’t have the time to pop over to Barcelona for a day, you should check out the breathtaking pictures on


Exhibit Jacques Henri Latigue


We love photography! And anybody who loves photography loves Foam, especially their new exposition honoring the legendary Jacques Henri Latigue (1894-1986). This French photographer is famous for his spectacular action pictures, but this exhibition, called ‘Life in Colour’features his work in color photography. 

Jacques Henri Lartigue grew up in a wealthy bourgeoise family in Paris and took his camera with him to capture their luxurious, carefree life. You can expect beautiful images of this well-to-do lifestyle, which includes very good-looking men and women, lovely outfits, but also lots of pictures of outdoor trips and fancy gatherings. The photo series gives you the chance to be a fly on the wall of the high life in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s in one of our favorite cities in the world. Besides that, Lartigue’s talent for capturing moments of happiness and innocence really stands out. The exposition is definitely one to go see and luckily there is no rush. Foam is hosting his work until the third of April.


Kapitaal Utrecht 


Working at the same desk, at the same time, in the same way, with the same people day in day out… Way too old fashioned if you ask us! The brains behind Kapitaal agree and created a place where work, creativity, knowledge and networking come together. 

Located in Utrecht, this wonderful place welcomes anybody in who wants to work on their own project (or who secretly just wants to hang around). There is a very creative atmosphere with access towards all kinds of art materials and editing software programs. Kapitaal is closed now, but on the 4th of February they are reopening and will introduce the public to a new look, more art products and a program full of interesting workshops, fun gatherings and even ping pong matches. Go and have a look!


The Thomas Wessels Quintet

We challenge you sit still while listening to The Thomas Wessels Quintet. It’s impossible, we assure you! As a big fan, we’ve invited them over to play multiple times. For anyone who has missed them, they’ll perform in Bar Hutspot next wednesday (03-02) at our Live Session dedicated to jazz. We just can’t get enough.

The Thomas Wessels Quintet gives you the unexpected beats, the feeling of luxury and the creative atmosphere that comes with jazz. Their music has a twist though, thanks to the fresh perspective of the young band members. Come and join us Wednesday and enjoy the fusion of the recognition and renewal of jazz, in combination with our delicious drinks and bites.

Wood Wood

We are very excited to announce we have a new brand added to the Hutspot family. And it’s not just a brand, we are talking about Wood Wood. Which is now available at Hutspot Van Woustraat and Hutspot Utrecht.

IMG_6946 copy

IMG_6957 copy

IMG_6947 copy copy

IMG_6938 copy

IMG_6944 copy

Hutspot Products

IMG_6316 copy

Kartotek notebook | €9,50 | available at all our stores
Native North Sunglasses | €119 | available at Hutspot Van Woustraat and Hutspot Utrecht

IMG_6318 copy

Elephant Magazine and FRAME magazine both | €19,95 | available at our Amsterdam stores.

IMG_6626 copy

Stieglitz Inuit sweater | €150 | now with 30% off and available at all our stores

Meet the DJ’s

We did a little photoshoot with the boys that will DJ at Bar Hutspot next Thursday during the R&B and Cocktails event.
They selected their favorite outfit from the store and we asked them some questions. For more information about the event see our Facebook page.


Who are you?
My name is Milo aka Miles aka 50% of DJ duo-extravaganza Miles & Eddy

What is your all time favorite R&B song?
R. Kelly – Step In The Name Of Love

If you could spend a night in our bar with a famous person (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
Louis C.K. , because if I have to spend an entire night with one person it better be with someone who can drink, make inappropriate jokes but also be responsible enough to put me on a cab home.

Where can we find more about you online?

IMG_5644 copy

Who are you?
I’m Marc Hessing part of Beau Garcon Soundsystem. During daytime I work as a graphic designer. In my work field you work alone most of the time. This is the time when I can explore some new music online, to use during my set. I love all kinds of music, but the R&B sound is by far my favorite one.

What is your all time favorite r&b song?
The Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy

If you could spend a night in our bar with a famous person (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
The Notorious B.I.G. Because of the work he did with Diddy. For me they introduced R&B to the whole word. They were the beginning of a new era.

Where can we find more about you online

IMG_5642 copy

Who are you?
Sergio Obergh (Brobergh), one of your R&B dj’s this Thursday at Bar Hutspot

What is your all time favorite R&B song?
D’Angelo – Brown Sugar

If you could spend a night in our bar with a famous person (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
When I’m having a drink I also want to have good laugh so most definitely Will Ferrel. By far the most funniest guy alive.

Where can we find more about you online?


IMG_5577 copy

Who are you? 
Bob Wisse, full time go getter, entrepreneur, fashionista!

What is your all time favorite R&B song?
Return of the mack – Mark Morrison

If you could spend a night in our bar with a famous person (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
Definitely Kenny Powers, because of the way he talks: I’ve been blessed with many things in this life: an arm like a damn rocket, a cock like a burmese python, and the mind of a fucking scientist.

Where can we find more about you online?
Social media, google. Bob Wisse

Photos: Sarah van Rij

Styling: Julia Oosterwegel

Sleepover at Foam x Hutspot

Do you want to spend a night at Foam in a room decorated by Hutspot in a beautiful all natural bed by COCO-MAT? That can be arranged, but first you need to send in a brilliant motivation to the question “Who is joining you on this adventure and why?”.

The most original motivation wins a special prize: an overnight stay for two people on Saturday, January 16th in the exhibition Paul Bogaers – My Life in the Bush of Ghosts in Foam.

You can participate in four easy steps:
1. Write your motivation
2. Open the entry form
3. Select ‘free entry’ and ‘two persons’
4. Enter your details and motivation (comments field) and confirm

The winner will be announced on Tuesday, January 12th, 2016.

Upon arrival, we will bring you to your special hotel room. The main room in the exhibition is turned into a beautiful room by Hutspot Amsterdam. You’ll find a large bed by no one other than COCO-MAT, bedside tables in the midst of all the artworks. A host will be available at your service for the evening and night.

After you have left your belongings in the room, you will get a private tour through the exhibition. The museum is at your disposal for the complete night so take the flashlight and roam around. Explore the rooms to compare all the different faces of the sculptures or make up stories from your bed by looking at the masks on the wall. You will be invited for breakfast in the morning. At ten o’clock the museum opens to the public and the Bush of Ghosts awakens for everyone to see.

This night is made possible by Hutspot Amsterdam and Foam.

In the exhibition My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, Foam presents work by Paul Bogaers (Tilburg, 1961) which he created in the last five years.

During this period, his work has developed from two-dimensional studies to the three-dimensional domain of assemblage, sculpture and installation, where photography plays a vital role. Bogaers also uses paper mâché – a material not often embraced by fine artists.

>  read more

Paul Bogaers – My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, installatieshot © Christian van der Kooy, 2015

Exhibit Groeten uit Kos

Hutspot Interviews Jasper and James from ‘Groeten uit Kos’, who are exhibiting their beautiful photo project of the refugees on the Island Kos at Hutspot. Jasper and James have known each other for 18 years now. Jasper used to work for the navy and now works as a Junior Art Director. In his period for the navy he has seen how dehumanizing war situations are and how well our lives are here in the Netherlands. James is a business manager at ABN AMRO and next to that a photographer. Read interview below to hear more about their project and see the photos they have taken in Kos.


How did you start the project Groeten uit Kos and can you tell our readers a little bit more about it?
Back in August we decided that we wanted to do something for the refugees stranding at the beach of Kos in groups of  thousands each day. We were inspired by a friend of Jasper’s that initially booked a vacation to Kos but faced with the dire situation at hand decided to collect money through Facebook and help the refugees.

Our mission was to provide the necessary aid locally in Kos and to tell the story of the refugees whom risk their lives in fleeing from their homes. In order to make this happen we started the project Groeten uit Kos.

Initially it was your plan to show the contrast between the tourists at Kos and the refugees stranding there. Why were you so determined to show this contrast?
Images speak louder than words. Is there a stronger contrast imaginable than that of the wealthy tourists drinking champagne in the marina of Kos whilst families are washing ashore? From a photogenic perspective we believed that such photos would bring attention to the issue at hand.

However, when we arrived in Kos during the first week of October most of the tourists had already left the island. Which was to be expected. So we decided to take a more documentary approach and tell the story of the refugees by showing the process from arrival, registration and departure.


Proces_04 DSC_7848

What struck you most in terms of volunteers and the refugees?
There was a great number of volunteers active in Kos when we arrived but here is a clear lack of cooperation between them, resulting in inefficient logistics of food, water and clothing. At the other hand the mayor of Kos is trying his best not to frustrate the organization that are trying to help. He fears for the economic situation of the island and the decreasing number of tourists.

Soul-stirring is the situation in the police cells of Kos. Minors that arrive unaccompanied are not allowed to follow the regular process, they are placed in the police cells alongside criminals and smugglers. These cells are small and damp and up to twenty men and boys are held in a single cell.

Imagine you have just left everything behind, you’ve lost your parents and now you find yourself in a cell with criminals. It takes up to two weeks before an organisation such as UNHCR is able to free individual children.

In general the children struck us the most. Their desperate glances and emaciated faces are not easily forgotten.                               

How can people help in your eyes?
By buying our pictures you are supporting Stichting Bootvluchtelingen as 100% of the proceeds are donated.

There many ways to help the refugees, take a look at this link of the Dutch government to find out which initiative suits you best.


What do you hope to achieve with the photo project? 
To show that every refugee has his or her own story and we are all people with the same basic needs.

Further we want to support the noble work of Stichting Bootvluchtelingen by donating the proceeds from sold photographs.

You can find the beautiful photographs at Hutspot Van Woustraat.


New in Store


Won Hundred scarf and Native North Sunglasses | €100 & €129 | Available at Hutspot Van Woustraat


Weimara Won Hundred sneakers | €200 | available at all our stores

Selected suede shirt | €299 | available at all our stores


4530 Wool beanie | €34,95 | available at Hutspot Van Woustraat

Hutspot Interviews | Veloretti

Hutspot Interviews Ferry Zonder, owner and founder of Veloretti, an Amsterdam based bike brand. As all of you know Holland loves bikes and so it’s something that couldn’t miss in our assortment. Ferry has the look and charms of the guy next door, he is truly passionate and you can feel that when he is around. We decided it was time to tell you a little more about him and Veloretti.


How did you get into the bike business?
I never had the intention to become a bike maker. It all started when I was looking for a new city bike myself; it was a mission impossible because all the options were either of poor quality, too expensive or just too ugly and boring. This was disappointing but even more surprising, seeing as Amsterdam is known as the city of bicycles, you would think we have more to offer.

When was the moment you realized that your product should be on the market?
The bicycle culture in London inspired me; over there ones bike is seen as an extension of ones own identity. It’s a lifestyle choice! This is totally not the case in Amsterdam, when you look around you see people cruising around on half broken, rusty, traditional black bikes. Nobody seems to care, but maybe that’s because we have two extreme options either you buy an expensive design bike or you purchase a bike that’s been passed along by junkies. That’s when it hit me; lets introduce people to a stylish yet simple city bike with low maintenance for a fair price. And here we are.

Where is the Veloretti Headquarters? Do you like your space?
Right now our office is located on the Leidseplein, you cannot get more central than this. In that sense it’s ideal! Nonetheless we are on the look out for the perfect spot where we can open our first flagship store/office. Until we find it we’re not complaining.

IMG_1075 IMG_1065

What inspires you?
We’re lucky that we’re situated in Amsterdam, a city that exposes you to inspirational things on a daily basis. Iconic and timeless designs have always caught my eye and it has definitely influenced the way Veloretti has been made. In our eyes the Veloretti bike is a classic beauty and hopefully people will still admire our city bikes the same way they do now, 10 years down the road.

How did you start selling your bikes at Hutspot?
Hutspot set up their first shop the same year we started Veloretti, and since the very beginning they’ve been on our radar. It’s such a unique concept; they provide start-ups like us with the ultimate physical platform where we can promote our products without having to own our own store. Seeing as we are a new player within the bicycle industry, brand awareness is key to becoming a success. People need to know who we are, and what better way to achieve this than by promoting our bikes at Hutspot, a unique hotspot in Amsterdam that not only attracts us but a lot of potential Veloretti customers as well.

What is the nicest part and what is the hardest part about having your own business?
It’s the diversity we enjoy most; every day is completely different. There is no solid structure, things just fly at you and you go with the flow as best you can. It’s exciting because you are able to grow at such an incredible speed, discover infinite opportunities, and meet ingenious minds; it’s an incredible adventure.

The toughest part is the financial aspect of being a starter, there’s barely no money at your disposal in the beginning or very little. So you have to think of the most creative and productive ways to spend it, seeing as you can only spend it once, it’s vital to make it count!

IMG_1067 IMG_1066

What has been your biggest succes so far?
We just introduced the limited edition Veloretti X ADE bicycle, The Clubracer. We are really happy about this collaboration, joining powers with such an event is simply unbelievable.

Furthermore when models were riding around on our Veloretti bicycles during VOGUE’s Fashion Night Out this year that was unforgettable! And the time we worked together with Grolsch and produced the ultimate “drink and ride” city bike was also a great accomplishment.

However at the end of the day we have to admit that every time we come into the office in the morning and we see how many bicycles have been ordered, we are happy campers.

We continuously receive validation that we are doing a good job from customers via our social media platforms, emails or face-to-face contact, what more could you ask for as a bike maker?

What can our readers aspect from Veloretti in 2016, do you have any concrete goals?
We want to enter various European markets. At the moment we are busy developing a gear hub that will enable people to use our Veloretti city bikes with ease on hillier landscapes. This will make it easier for us to infiltrate the bicycle industry in Germany for example. In a few weeks we will also introduce our Veloretti Mini bicycles, we are delighted about this, seeing as it will open up a whole new market segment for us. And as mentioned above we also hope to open the doors to our Veloretti Headquarters/ bicycle playground sometime this coming year, so get excited!

What is your advice to people who want to start their own business? What to avoid and what to do?
Surrounding yourself with great people is vital when starting a business, its helpful to establish a network that’s filled with inspirational people, with their input and expertise you can take your ideas to a whole new level.

Assessing all possible risks that come your way is crucial when starting your own business, examine all possible pit falls and potential set backs thoroughly, try to decrease the amount of times you think f*ck how did this happen!

IMG_1072 IMG_1071







You can find the beautiful Veloretti bikes at our Van Woustraat store, also make sure to follow Veloretti on Instagram


Hutspot Interviews | Damn Good Soap Company

Hutspot Interviews Jasper van Impelen, owner and creator of Damn Good Soap. After running his own sustainable communication agency for a couple of years, he got fed up with the continuous stream of brainstorming, making plans and pitches without the companies really daring to go into the action part of it. For Jasper it was a little to much Talk, Too little Walk. And so he wanted something different, something tangible. A physical product that represented the values that he believes in and is just fun. Read the interview below how this adventure started and is treating him so far.


When was the moment you decided, I’m going to make soap?
In my search for a product to launch I was looking for something that you could make by hand but in a reasonable amount. Soap was one of the options on my list. One day I was in the shower and used my wife’s showergel and started the day smelling like daisies. Nothing wrong with daisies, but as a man I wondered if this was the meaning of it all. When I took a look at the ingredients list I saw a list of chemicals and words I didn’t understand so I instantly thought this could be done a lot better. Then a year of research, trail and lot of error followed to get myself educated in soapmaking. And when I finally was happy with what I created I got a stand on a market to see if other people were happy too. And since then things keep spinning slowly out of control.

Where is your workplace located and how did you get a hold of it?
I started out in my own kitchen and after this was not really workable anymore, I found a huge empty office through an anti-squatting agency where I had more room to experiment. One problem was that this place was situated in the middle of nowhere and didn’t offer an inspiring surrounding. So when I heard of this very cool place on the edge of the city centre from Utrecht, I didn’t hesitated. That’s where Damn Good Soap is situated since June of last year.

What inspires you?
In communications you always think for and about other people. For Damn Good Soap I decided to stay very close to my own world and interests. I never had any problems being creative and finding inspiration so that is the least of my worries now.

myschaoreo DamnGoodSoap-343 myschaoreo DamnGoodSoap-86

How did you start selling at Hutspot?
Erik, the store manager of Hutspot Utrecht and me know each other from his former employer, so this connections was a logical one.

What part do you like most about having your own company and what is the harder part?
The freedom to follow your own heart, the ecxitement of seeing things coming together and the challenge of keeping it going, are the positive things about entrepreneurship. I tried working for others, this always failed, so to be honest, this is the only option for me. And yes, there are downsides, like the difficulty of stopping the train of your thoughts, and the insecurity whether next year will work out to, but that is also part of the charme.

What has been your biggest succes so far?
When I started out, the idea was to make and sell soap. Going to markets and having a small webshop so I could pay the rent and have some fun while getting there. In reality Damn Good Soap has become an international brand with dealers in The Netherlands and across Europe and it has become a full time job for me and my wife. That’s pretty cool. But I think the biggest succes is the fact that I can spend my days doing things I like and the way I like them.  I’m able to take the time to enjoy the bigger things in life like my son, our world and love in general.

Hutspot Utrecht Hutspot Amsterdam, Hutspot Utrecht

What is your mission for 2016?
If we can keep this up it would be great. Creating more things, doing more cool stuff and being content would be awesome.

What is your target group?
Men that are not afraid to do epic stuff.

What is your advice to people that want to start their own business?
Just do it, get of the couch and start trying, moving, hustling. Changes are you will end up with something completely different that you started out with, but that’s the idea!

The lovely Damn Good Soap products are for sell at Hutspot Utrecht, make sure to pay a visit and follow DGS on Instagram. Photos by Myscha Oréo.

myschaoreo DamnGoodSoap-15

Christmas Trees at Hutspot

Christmas is in the air and Hutspot is in the mood, for our stores this year we are getting our trees at Kerstbomen Amsterdam. And as some of you might have seen we will be organising a real Christmas Tree Market on the 12th of December, in our garden at Hutspot Rozengracht with them. Kerstbomen Amsterdam is not just like any other Christmas Tree supplier, they carefully select their products themselves and offer good quality. We figured to tell you a little more about Kerstbomen Amsterdam and the man behind the company, Alex.




First of all let’s start with a proper introduction, who are you and what do you do in life?
I am Alex Zonneveld, born and raised in Amsterdam, studied Small Business and Retail Management. I live together with my girlfriend and our dog Prince Frekoe. I started Kerstbomen Amsterdam in 2008 and last spring I started Asperges Amsterdam; another season product where high quality and service are the main value propositions.

How did you get into the christmas tree business?
I was very interested in entrepreneurship and wanted to start my own business. Together with my former partner we thought about selling Christmas trees. We liked the product and we could easily do it besides our study since it was for a short period of time. From the beginning it went quite well and we very much enjoyed the Christmas tree business. Even though it was cold and wet some days, the nice feedback we got from our clients, gave us lots of energy and made us very enthusiastic. We decided to go on with it and improve ourselves. Our goal became to sell the most beautiful trees in Amsterdam! That was 7 years ago. For the last few years I am running the business by myself, with the help of a very dedicated team that I couldn’t work without. A good team is in my opinion always the strength of a good company.

Can you tell us how you select your trees and where they are from?
When we decided to go on with the Christmas tree business, we contacted several Christmas tree farmers in Denmark, the country known for their Christmas trees! We drove up there in September 2009. We checked out the quality of their trees and made a deal with the 6th farm we visited. We were incredibly impressed with their Christmas trees and on top we could make a deal that we could select the best trees in the field ourselves. After all these years, we still work with farm number 6 since we have never found more beautiful trees. And still, every year we drive up to Denmark after the summer to select the trees ourselves.

IMG_1913 IMG_1910

What makes your company different then other christmas tree suppliers?
Seeing these amazing trees in Denmark the first year, we were convinced we could sell twice as much as the previous year. However, that wasn’t the case. We found out that just having the most beautiful trees wasn’t enough. To also reach people outside the neighborhood we knew we needed marketing. We were convinced that many people in Amsterdam would be interested in our trees, now we had to reach them and let them know about our existence. That’s why we started our website

Besides marketing we also needed something extra to differentiate ourselves and that is how we came up with delivery. If the people aren’t able to come to us, we will come to them. We totally understand that  you won’t be able to bring it on your bike to the other side of town. So now you can order online and we’ll bring the tree to you. We also outshine in service at our stands. We have passion for our product, we love what we’re doing and we really go the extra mile for our customers. This is what our customers feel and that is why we have so many clients coming back to us every year.

The other thing is that we only sell A quality trees while most of the Christmas Tree Sellers in the Netherlands sell a variety of qualities without making a difference in price. With us every tree is equally beautiful while at many other sellers you really have to look well to find a good one. That is why you can easily order online with us and trust we’ll deliver you a beautiful tree.

What is your advice to people on buying a christmas tree, how big, which sort, how do you keep it good as long as possible?
We sell 3 different kind of Christmas Trees; The original Nordmann (most popular), the traditional spruces and only at the stands (so not for delivery) we also have the upcoming fraserie.

The Nordmann is famous for its symmetrical shape and strong, soft long lasting needles. The Spruce on the other hand has the traditional character and scent. The Fraserie is a mix of a Normann and a Spruce

If you want to buy a big tree, always check the height of the ceiling. Just the other day we already had the first switch we had to make this year. We needed to pick up the tree we delivered earlier that day and exchange it for a smaller one. This is one of the mistakes coming back every year.

To keep the tree as fresh as possible we have this advice:

-Give the tree water
-Don’t place the tree too near to the heating system
-A tree is very sensitive for temperature differences. When it is freezing outside you shouldn’t place it immediately in a warm living room but let it adjust a little bit in a cooler area.

On the 12th of December you will host a Christmas Tree market at Hutspot Rozengracht, what can we expect?
On the Christmas Tree Market at Hutspot you can expect our beautiful Danish Christmas Trees. We will be in the garden of the Rozengracht together with Penelope’s, who runs her lunchroom at Hutspot. She will be making delicious christmas bites, hot choco and Gluhwein.

What do you like most about Christmas?
To be honest, when I was a kid I always liked Sinterklaas. That was my favorite time of the year. Now as I’m older, I like Christmas much more. I like the energy in the city and how it lights up. I also like spending time with the family. Especially after a very hectic time in which we are very busy selling Christmas trees, with a company that is growing every year, I appreciate those 2 days of pure relaxation even more.

Where can people find more of you online?
On our website you can find more information about our company and the christmas trees, including pictures and a video. You can also follow us on Facebook:

From December 6 you can find us selling on the street again at both our locations on Westerdoksplein and Vijzelgracht, but of course you should definitely visit us at the Christmas Tree Market at Hutspot Rozengracht on the 12th of December!