Hutspot Interviews | IJsmanschap

Within the last steps of summer, the weather is really turning up again and what better way is there than to celebrate those sunny days with some fine quality ice cream. IJsmanschap is not just any kind of Ice cream. It is the first popsicle bar in the Netherlands. We decided it was time to have a chat with owner/founder Martijn to hear all about his company.



Hi Martijn, could you tell us a little bit about the man behind IJsmanschap?
I am Martijn Doets, father of two beautiful boys and founder of IJsmanschap, the first Popsicle bar in the Netherlands. Before all this I was a pension consultant working for pension funds and insurance companies but I needed a change. I came up with the company and on the Opening day of the shop my second son was born. Some things are difficult to plan, I guess.

Why exactly an ice cream company? How did that come about?
Well first of all, I’m a real foodie, always had been and always will be. But I worked as a clerk and wasn’t really happy with it and started dreaming about having my own business. I read a professional book about the technical aspect of ice cream and was sold straight away. The theory behind ice cream is so interesting. I wanted to learn more and went to Italy to learn how to make gelato. On the March 15 I opened my Popsicle bar IJsmanschap in Amsterdam-West. The opening of the shop was a day later as planned because of the birth of my youngest son Nathan.


Tell us a little bit about the popsicles, what kinds can we expect?
The popsicles we offer are all handcrafted without any artificial flavouring and colouring. Our mission is to create a great and delicious treat that is worth the calories. While selecting the raw ingredients we take the flavour and quality of the ingredients into account. Our popsicles is the perfect treat for any moment.

What have been the up- and downsides of having your own business?
Having your own business is great and had been on my wish list for many years. The creativity, the energy it gives you, the power to make your own decisions on strategic level is really nice. One of the downsides is that as an entrepreneur, you always have the burden of the financial risk. You work 7 days a week and still the work is not done. I do look forward to the moment I must work only 5 days a week.


What are you most proud of?
I’m the most proud of myself for realising my dream. Of course I m not there yet, but I’m glad I had the confidence to change career by starting a gelato business.

What flavours are on your still on your list to try and offer?
There are endless different combinations to create. I just created a Hopsicle in collaboration with my buddy Sebastiaan from the Amsterdam Brewboys. It is a Popsicle made with their double IPA beer in combination with a blend of citrus fruit. The result is absolutely unique and delicious.

What is your advice for other young entrepreneurs or artists?
Follow you dream wisely. I read an important message in a book about entrepreneurs that I never forget. My greatest fear is that my fear will paralyze me. Don’t let this happen and take control.

Come and try a IJsmanschap popsicle at our van Woustraat location, and we can guarantee you will come back for more

Hutspot Tips | August

So many things to do but so little time! That’s why each month Hutspot picks places, food, artists, music or companies that you should experience. Here are our Hutspot Tips of August.


Birch Water

For just two to three weeks of the year, forests across the northern hemisphere fill with a silent burst of activity as hundreds of litres of water flow through each mature birch tree in preparation for the spring. Tapped straight from the tree, companies like Birch WTR bring the new refreshing drink that charges your batteries for the entire day.

Because of its natural health benefits the ancient drink from Eastern and Northern parts of Europe is getting more and more popular. Before winter starts the birch trees store vitamins and nutrients in their roots. In spring the trees absorb water from the soil they grow upon which naturally enriches and filteres the water for the coming period of growth. That is also the time when the water get removed from the tree using the same process that drains syrup from a maple tree. Like Coconut water, Birch water is becoming a popular refresher with the only difference that Europeans could drink from a more local ressource, rather than have it imported from the Philippines. But have a taste of Birch WTR yourself, the next time you’re at Hutspot Van Woustraat.



Stranger Things

There is a new Netflix serie you must see! Stranger Things is an ode to movies like E.T. or Stand by Me and seems like the show Steven Spielberg and Stephan King made but forgot to release. The production design, the spot-on hairdos and clothes are fantastic and even Winona Ryder makes a comeback in this new serie.


Set in the 1980s Indiana, a young boy named Will disappears into thin air and the search for him that includes Will’s best friend Mike, leads to top secret experiments and a strange little girl in the woods. The more unusual things are happening the more locals begin to understand that there’s more going on. The story is full of classic sci-fi elements but with a the great acting it is far from being cheesy. There are a lot of great things to watch this summer, but we guarantee this thrilling show will keep you holding your breath. So Netflix and no Chill!



Second Life Toys

The lack of child organ donor is a world wide problem, especially in japan. However, organ transplant for children is something not widely discussed currently. Akira Suzuki and Togo Kida want to address this issue with Second Life Toys. The project gathers old, damaged and abandoned stuffed animals as donors and transplants necessary parts to revitalize them.


Whoever donated a stuffed animal will receive a special message from the recipients as a sign of their gratitude. Not only symbolizes the idea the lives, saved through organs transplants, but also generates it awareness for the low rates of organ transplant donations in Japan. By putting extra attention to the added part in a playful, Akira and Togo wanted to show that a transplant can be an enhancement rather than an compensation. So with support of a Tokyo NGO, an elephant received a new trunk, a whale was pimped with some fresh fins and mister rabbit got his hearing back.



De Parade

We know it. You know it. Everyone knows it. But nethertheless, Hutspot wants to say ‘De Parade is in town again’ and we are super excited! For the 26th time Theater Festival De Parade is moving through the Netherlands stopping in Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and having the grand finale in Amsterdam from the 12th to the 28th of August.


The traditional parade’s final stop takes place in Martin Luther Kingpark in Amsterdam. Every year, a huge number of different theaters and individual artists participate in the event and prepare new music, dance performances or shows for the visitors. So, no matter if you’re 1 or 100 years old, Dutch or tourist, De Parade offers something for everyone to experience. The performances that are suitable for foreigners are even indicated with a LNP logo(Language No Problem). Of course a wide range of drinks, cocktails, soul food, BBQ ‘s and much more delicious surprises are waiting for you. Unless you are allergic to fun and colorful tents, at least one day of De Parade is mandatory.




As our lives become more and more hectic, the idea of taking breaks away from the fast pace city life is getting more and more appealing. But back-to-basics camping doesn’t appear to everyone, especially if you like your home comforts. With PurePods you can get closer to nature than ever before and you don’t even have to bring a tent.

The company was founded in New Zealand in 2012 and has been expanding ever since. Located in isolated countryside, these glass cabins let you experience all the charm of the great outdoors, but from inside your room. Each Pod has a flushing toilet, shower, lighting and heating, as well as a small kitchen and BBQ set for sunny afternoons. After the sund goes down, when you done discovering the wildlife, you can stare up through the glass roof at a blanket of stars. PurePods even provide a telescope and a star map to help you lose yourself in the great beyond. Currently all PurePods are located in New Zealand with the option of adding a local food package. Each PurePod will continue to have its own distinct location, whether it has sea views, overlooks a winery or is surrounded by hills.



We hope you enjoy our monthly tips. Do you have a tip about what you think is worth to visit, watch, eat at or listen to? Please let us know by sending an email to, and who knows we might include your tip in our next list.


Renard x Hutspot – A Close Encounter

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Renard x Hutspot 

 – A close encounter –

Hutspot and Renard are very excited to present their collaboration ‘A close encounter’ – an image clip shot at Hutspot van Woustraat, where we captured the classic and refined spirit of Renard’s watch collection as well as highlight various elements of our store. This post shows some movie stills from the clip, which will be online very soon. Martijn Pots and Bo Maerten are starring in this clip, creating a beautiful dynamic even thought they never meet. The only things connecting them are space and time.


Hutspot, Renard, hutspot amsterdam, hutspot utrecht, movie stills, martijn pots, cafe, coffee, hutspot cafe



Bo is wearing:

Selected Femme pants available at all our stores (now on sale with 40%)
TIL TIL top available at Hutspot van Woustraat and Hutspot Utrecht

Martijn is wearing:

Won Hundred slacks available at all our stores (now on sale with 50%)
Won Hundred shirt available at all our stores (now on sale with 50%)

Watches by Renard, of course. Here is a little more about the brand:
In an era where smart technology dominates time management they offer an elegant, analogue companion for your consideration.
Renard – or fox in French – is a graceful, wild and intelligent creature that perfectly embodies the spirit of their new brand of watches, which
are available at all our stores.

Shopping & Drinks

In the month of August we want to offer all our customers at Hutspot Utrecht something extra. Therefore each one of you will receive a free Gin Tonic when spending more than €50,-. So after all that shopping you can sit back, relax and enjoy your drink.


By spending over €50,- at Hutspot Utrecht, you receive a voucher for one free Gin Tonic, which you can redeem every Thursday after 18.00 at our Hutspot Utrecht Cafe. It’s going to be a chill atmosphere with some lounge music and our store will still be open for you to browse around. So it’s the perfect occasion for an after work drink or some evening shopping and socializing.



New menu at Hutspot van Woustraat

We have added some delicious new dishes to our menu at the Hutspot van Woustraat lunchroom. Below you find some images of these dishes and make sure to check out the full menu here.







After Work Work Work Work Work

Work Hard, Play Hard! That’s why every Friday, Hutspot is celebrating the upcoming weekends at Cafe Hutspot Utrecht. 

Would you and your friends like to join us for some drinks, music and socializing? No problem, swing by on Fridays after 18.00 and say Goodbye to a week of Work Work Work Work Work. In case you are a group, with a lot of colleagues or your company, you can contact for reservations and special group offers. The more the better.


Where: Cafe Hutspot Utrecht

When: Every Friday

Time: Time: 18:00- 23.00

For reservations, special offers or group deals contact


Hutspot_HutspootUpcoming Saturday the streets of Amsterdam will be flooded with happy people, music & pink. Amsterdam Gay Pride 2016 is about to happen and Hutspot celebrates that we are all equal human beings. Get your limited Hutspoot cap at one of our stores and join us!

P.s. If you don’t get the wordplay, ask one of your Dutch friends, they’ll explain. 















Hutspot Interviews | Alexander Sporre

Finding the extraordinary within the trivial things‘ could to be the message of Alexander Sporre’s work. The Dutch photographer provides a wide spectrum of photos from portrait over street photography all the way to weddings. This variety and his ability to capture the right moment made us offer his work at Hutspot Van Woustraat. We sat down with him for an interview to talk about his work, motivation and his connection to Alan Watts philosophy, which he also integrated into one of his series.

Hi Alexander, could you tell us little bit about yourself. How did you become an artist?
That’s a difficult question to start with. First of all, I don’t really see myself as an artist, but more as somebody who does what feels right. For me, the camera in my hand is more a natural medium to communicate with other people and the world around me. I think it’s more closely related to discovery and understanding than having the feeling of being an artists. Secondly, I started photography only four years ago, before that I studied business, and maybe that also plays a part. However, I think that studying something other than photography can be of great value. Everyone can learn how and when to press the button, but knowing what to photograph is equally – maybe even more – important.

Do you remember the first time someone wanted to buy one of your pictures?
To be fully honest, this is the first time I’m selling products so I’m quite new to that. I think that it’s also closely related to my first answer. I have however worked on assignments based a lot in terms of photography. And to be able to make people happy while doing the thing you love is a great feeling.


hutspot interview-9

hutspot interview-11

hutspot interview-5


What have been the up- and downsides of becoming an entrepreneur?
I used to have a side job next to my photography. As I studied business, I was working for a company in Amsterdam. That allowed me to do my photography in the way I wanted. The feeling of not having to sell or do assignments, which are less fun, was a very relaxing position to be in. But now I quit that job to fully focus on my passion and I hope I can support myself with that.

What are you most proud of ?
I’m most proud of the fact that I’m developing as a person and feeling that this is happening rather naturally at the very same time.

If you could work together with any person, dead or alive, who would it be?
There are a lot of great examples of photographers in the contemporary age and in history. I’m not sure everybody would be a pleasure to work with, but enough can be learned from them. I must say that the internet and YouTube can be great sources of knowledge,  you might not physically work with them, but at least can have a sense of how it would have been. I can’t name a person right now, but if I have to choose somebody to work with to improve my work as a photographer, I’d always choose somebody from another discipline. People in a different line of ‘business’ can often make a very worthwhile contribution to your own development. In such case you can discover that salt and chocolate actually is a good combination whereas one might not think that by hearing it for the first time.



What is your advice for other young entrepreneurs or artists?
Words from Alan Watts have inspired me: “What would you do if money were no object? Then, do just that. When you have specific interest in something, there are always people who are interested as well. When you are a master in the thing you like doing, there is always a market for it. Actually, the only way to become a master in something is to actually do something you love.”

I think there is some great practical advices in these sentences.

You can find the beautiful photographs of Alexander Sporre at our van Woustraat location and make sure to follow him on Instagram

Hutspot products

In this post we show you which items can’t be missed on your summer holiday, but still stay true to our proud little country, color wise.






Hutspot_trui met streepjes_4

Photo no. 1 | Komono sunglasses | €49,95,- | available at all our stores
Photo no. 2 | Hammam34 towel | €34,95,- | available at all our stores
Photo no. 3 | Olio de Ritis | €14,90,- | available at Hutspot van Woustraat
Photo no. 4 | Pizza Book | €25,- | available at our Amsterdam stores
Photo no. 5 | Stieglitz t-shirt | €75 (now on sale with 30%) | available at our Amsterdam stores

Hutspot Tips | July

There is so much to see and do! So, each month we share our favorite places to go, things to eat, things to see and experiences you must enjoy, as well as awesome and innovating new companies, artists and entrepreneurs to keep an eye on. Check out our Hutspot Tips of July.


Master of Light – Robby Müller

This summer EYE is presenting its next big exhibition: Master of Light – Robby Müller: Cinematographer of Wim Wenders, Jim Jarmusch, Lars von Trier and Steve McQueen. This Dutch artist has been praised internationally for his revolutionary camerawork and his expertise in lighting. 

Müller is presenting films from his personal archive consisting out of countless videotapes on which he has recorded his life in a diary-like manner. You will also see classics, such as Björk dancing in a factory, Johnny Depp floating seawards in a canoe, and Nastassja Kinski wearing a bright-red top. Robby Müller is responsible for these and countless other memorable film moments from modern classics. Enough reason to visit EYE from now until the 4th of September.



Huize Druivelaar

For those who are passing through the south, we forbid you to miss Huize Druivelaar. This 100-year old vinery and has been rebuilt into a beautiful and cozy guesthouse surrounded by a huge garden too. 


Huize Druivelaar belongs to two artists who were looking for a living- and work space to practice their photography and ceramics. They ran in to this plantation and renovated the whole building, perserving the vineyard and all of the other characteristic features. Even the location is convenient at walking distance from the centre of Breda. It’s safe to say it’s the perfect weekend getaway!


Circadian Clock

We have slowly seen clocks disappear out of interior, as we have the time on all kinds of devices around us. This is a real shame if you ask us. We plead for clocks to come back as an eye-catcher and have we ever found the right one to start this revolution of with; the Circadian Clock.


This Circadian clock seems to give an analogue impression, but turns from white to black (or the other way around) as time passes. It’s a design by an American industrial design student; Dan Taylor. His e-paper display allows the viewer to intuitively distinguish the passage of time even in locations without windows. It’s perfect for any urban of minimalistic interior.

Rooftop Cinema

From the 8th of July until the 30th of September Cinemec in Utrecht offers you the possibility to watch movies under the starry sky. They are the first cinema in the Netherlands that are able to show movies on a large scale on their own rooftop!


The rooftop cinema will only be open on evenings when the weather gods are good to us. Because no one wants to see Daniel Graig saving the ever so beautiful Lea Seydoux in Spectre while sitting in the rain, even though this sounds pretty romantic in a way. Check out their exact agenda here.


EuroPride 2016

This years gay pride will be an extra special one. Because this year Amsterdam will host the EuroPride from the 23rd of July until the 7th of August.


Some of you might have heard of the EuroPride before some of you might not. And that’s why we decided to feature it in our tips of July. EuroPride is a two weeks program filled with events such as Milkshake Festival, Pink Saturday at the Vondelpark, open air cinema at the Nieuwmarkt and of course the traditional canal parade! Check out the full schedule here and remember everyone is free to love!

We hope you enjoy our monthly tips. Do you have a tip about what you think is worth to visit, watch, eat at or listen to? Please let us know by sending an email to, and who knows we might include your tip in our next list.