Kever Genever | Hutspot Interviews

Ready to spice up your appetite? We sat down with Leonard Crijns, founder of the innovative new genever brand Kever Genever. Learn more about his vision on this new, contemporary style old genever and the liquor industry.

kever genever

Hi Leonard, how is your day?
Hi! I’m really good. Very happy with how Kever Genever is doing at the moment – we are attracting more and more attention from bartenders and demand is increasing. This shows that we are on the right track!

What is the story behind Kever Genever?
Together with Sebastian, who is one of my business partners, we discovered the mesmerizing taste of genever by accident. I had brought back a bottle of genever to Sweden, because we were both studying entrepreneurship there. We had a few drinks and were inspired by the taste. We realized that the once-popular Dutch tradition could be revived into something even better. Two other friends, Ben and Ruben, liked the idea and joined us to pursue what is now Kever Genever.

How has genever transformed throughout the years?
Genever used to be one of the most consumed alcohols in the Netherlands, but after World War 1 things changed. The shortage in grain supplies limited producers from producing a proper (old) genever, so they started producing cheaper ones from sugar beet – today we call these young genever. For the past 20 or 30 years, the industry has slowly been killing itself. Today, genever is not synonymous with the younger generation; mostly older people drink it. This is something we would like to change.

kever genever

What makes Kever Genever different from other genevers?
Genever in itself is already special. Many liquors today are derived from this old drink. Kever Genever is special, because it contains a high percentage of malt wine. It makes our genever more accessible to taste. Other than that, we present genever in a young and fresh manner. Its packaging is very recognizable from behind the bar and we get a lot of good feedback from the bartenders we work with.

How do you create a contemporary product, while also maintaining the classic stance of genever? Is it a tough balance?
This is actually the perfect time to do so. Old products are becoming more appealing to a younger generation. Nowadays, we are interested to see where our products comes from; riding a vintage bike or wearing your grandpa’s watch, for example. It is not too different with genever I think. People want to drink the ancestor of gin-tonic. With the right packaging – which in our case is a minimalistic, Scandinavian-inspired flask – we feel that we have created the right mix.

Speaking about the flask, why the unconventional packaging?
In the past, genever was stored in clay jars and it actually diminished the quality of the genever over time. We aim for a packaging that maintains the quality of our genever in addition to being sustainable and space-saving. Our metal flasks are 90% recyclable and practical for export and travel.

kever genever

How is it to run a business with your own friends?
It is really cool and it feels relaxed. Spending a whole day with friends does not make work feel like work. Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge, because we have to be professional with each other and keep each other in check.

What does it mean to be a winning brand at the International Wine and Spirits Competition? How has that affected the brand?
It was definitely an amazing experience! It has of course generated more exposure, but winning the IWSC last year also helped to shed more light on genever as a relevant product category.

What do you hope to achieve in the near future?
I’d really like to bring back the kopstoot; something my grandpa used to drink after work back in the day.

What is your favorite cocktail with Kever Genever in it?
Ah! I’m glad you asked. I like a good Dutch Negroni; 40 ml of Willem Wermoed, 20 ml Kever Genever and 20 ml Campari. You should try and make it yourself!

Kever Genever is available at Hutspot Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam.

Lotte de Raadt | Hutspot Interviews

In June, we will devote each Saturday to highlight one designer from De Design Shop in Hutspot Eindhoven. This week, we sat down with Lotte de Raadt, who’s aim is to stimulate sustainable use of water. Take a look at her inspiring series of ceramics.

Lotte de Raadt

Hi Lotte! How has your day been so far?
I’m very good, thanks. I have had quite an exciting day. The photoshoot with Hutspot was a lot of fun and I will have another interview after this. How about you?

I’m good, thank you! How did you get into the world of pottery?
For a long time, I assumed that I would find clay too difficult to work with. However, my mom has worked with this material for a long time and encouraged me to give it a shot. I learned about its good properties and how versatile it can be. I took an apprenticeship and I am now completely in love with it.

Is pottery your main focus?
At this moment, yes. I also work with wood and sometimes include textile in my designs. I think it is important to know how to work with different materials and master a diverse range of techniques. It opens up a lot of interesting possibilities.

Lotte de Raadt

You associate your work with water, aesthetically and ideologically – could you tell a bit more about that?
I find our general knowledge and awareness regarding water usage to be very disappointing. Here in Holland, people still consume a lot of plastic bottled water. I find this unnecessary, because our tapwater is of such good quality. Raising awareness through my work has always been important to me and I feel that water usage is a good place to start. For example, I have made a design series for tap water. The series consist out of carafes that come in three different forms. They represent the three different sources of tapwater; surface, dune and underground.

What are you working on at the moment?
I am currently collaborating with Jetske Visser and Kristie van Noort. Together, we experiment with the leftover iron that is filtered out by water production companies. We research new possibilities for this material to be used. It is quite an exciting process!

What is it like to work as a designer in Eindhoven?
It is very inspiring. I work in an old building converted into a center for designer studios. We sit together for lunch, talk about our work and share ideas. Eindhoven has a lot of vacant industrial spaces and the city actively encourages designers to use these.

Lotte de Raadt

What makes Hutspot compatible with your designs?
What I find most interesting about Hutspot is the visual and commercial concept. All stores have a nice look and feel and selling high-quality products seems to be very important. I am very happy that there is finally a place in the city center where local design is being sold.

What has been a highlight this year?
I am currently working on a project with Lunet Zorg, an organization that supports people with intellectual disabilities. I am now in the process of designing a collection together with the artists connected to the organization. The collection will be launched during Dutch Design Week this year.

What are your plans in the coming year?
I am looking forward to spending more time at my family’s holiday house in Sweden. Here, we have a studio which I can use to take a break and find new inspiration. In the future, I would see myself working in both the Netherlands and Sweden. And of course, I want to keep raising awareness regarding water usage!

‘Archiving Water’ by Lotte de Raadt is available at Hutspot Eindhoven

Hutspot Music | Amber Arcades

Meet Annelotte, lead vocalist of the 90’s inspired guitar pop band Amber Arcades. We sat down with the Utrecht based singer to talk fashion, travel and musical influences. Give her Spotify playlist a listen and follow us here to never miss another song featured in Hutspot Music!

Amber Arcades

Hi Annelotte. What have you been listening to today?
I have been listening to Chris Cohen today. He is one of my favorite artists. I love his song ‘Open Theme’. I’ll also be working with him on my next album!

When did your interest in music start?
My parents actively encouraged me to pick up an instrument when I was younger. I played both the violin and the guitar, but it wasn’t until I moved to Philadelphia when I started to really get involved in music. I bought a mandolin, met the right people and we started a band together. My time in Philadelphia was very important, because I had the opportunity to re-invent myself and to learn a lot about music and performing. I eventually returned to the Netherlands and kept myself involved in different music projects. The whole process went very gradual. It never crossed my mind that it would be a career for me.

Could you describe your musical style in 3 words?
‘90s guitar pop. I put a lot of guitar sounds into my music and the ‘90s is where most of the bands that I listen to are from.

What does Amber Arcades mean?
I was quite a dreamy kid. When I was younger, my parents took me to a homeopathist who suggested that I started wearing an amber necklace. This would help me set my feet back on earth (my parents can be sort of hippie haha). Years later, a friend and I listed down many random words to come up with an interesting band name. Amber Arcades stood out immediately.

You lived in New York for a brief period. What is your favorite thing about this city?
The sense of adventure. I always feel like I am in a movie when I am in America. Especially in New York; there is always so much energy and anything can happen. It gives me this sense of fearlessness and I am willing to take more risks when I am there.

How is it compared to Utrecht? What city do you like better?
It’s a far cry, to be honest. Utrecht is really small and everything is within biking distance. New York is big and bustling. I prefer living in Utrecht, because it is an easy place to come home to. For me, New York is nice to visit for a month or so, but I find it way too hectic to live in. It is like 10 different bands playing at the same time and you want to see all to them (stress!). Utrecht is a nice place to calm down in and to get ready for the next adventure.

How would you describe your personal fashion style? Do you think it also represents your musical style?
I find it really hard to lean towards one specific style. Amber Arcades is eclectic and is influenced by many different eras. Sometimes I wear feminine, glittery pieces and sometimes it can be oversized sweaters with jeans. In the end, I look for comfortable clothes because I’m constantly performing and on the road.

Do you have a Hutspot favorite?
I have a pair of white sneakers by Selected Femme. I’ve worn them almost everyday for a whole year, many festivals included. So, I have to admit that they are not that white anymore!

Best musician of all time?
Bradford Cox is someone who has inspired me the most during my musical journey. I listened to his band Deerhunter a lot when I started getting into music. The stuff he makes is very eclectic, and this is also how I describe my approach to music. Through his music, I was introduced to many other bands and styles that now have influenced me. Look forward to a song or two on my playlist!

Photo credits: Nick Helderman

Introducing | Umbra Shift

We are very happy to be introducing Umbra Shift into the Hutspot family. Our newest brand features a collection of products that combine contemporary influences in the design industry. We sat down with Mingus New, Product Developer at Umbra Shift to talk about the brand, inspirations and what not to spend your first paycheck on.

Umbra Shift

What is Umbra Shift about?
For over 35 years, Umbra has been revolutionizing the industry with its application of thoughtful design to everyday items. Umbra Shift revisits these roots with a group of established, emerging, and in-house designers who share Umbra’s passion to re-think, designing personal objects that they themselves would want to give or use at home. The result is a collection that expresses different point of views, yet sits together with a shared belief in ideas that are functional, familiar and forward thinking.

When did you decide to become a designer?
I was raised among a family of artists, so there was so much creative energy around me. It was reflected in my childhood, but as I grew up I started to take a liking in mathematics and geometry. I became torn between two of my passions; engineering and visual arts. When I was 17, a family friend introduced me to the world of Industrial Design, and ultimately it seemed like the perfect marriage of my two obsessions. My designs are a marriage of maths and art – I try to keep mathematical elements present and yet also deliver aesthetics at the same time.

Umbra Shift

How did Umbra Shift came to be?
In 2014, I sat down with a few other Umbra designers at my apartment to discuss ways in which the company could be improved. Les, the president, had noticed a gap between Umbra and leading independent retailers. We wanted to create a subsidiary company that was a shift from what we already had in place, and Umbra Shift was born. It created a platform that allows us to work with incredible external designers, experiment with new vendors and materials, and re-imagine what an Umbra product can be.

Who do you look up to?
My grandmother, Debbie New. She creates unconventional designs – such as knitted sculptures and ornaments – through many different complicated techniques. In a way she redefines what knitting can be and broadens the horizon for knitted products.

Umbra Shift

If you could work with any person, dead or alive, who would it be?
Dieter Rams. He’s a renowned industrial designer from Germany. I’m curious as to what he would say about Apple removing the headphone jack. Such controversy!

What is your advice for other young entrepreneurs or artists?
Don’t spend your first paycheck on an Sottsass vase. Ettore Sottsass is an Italian designer known for his glassworks. They’re quite expensive.

Is the business you different from the private you?
The business me smells better I think (grins)!

Umbra Shift is available at all our stores.

150th anniversary of Het Rode Kruis x MOAM

In conjunction with its 150th anniversary, Het Rode Kruis has collaborated with MOAM to create three new unisex t-shirts. The launch of the t-shirts celebrate their 150 years of service to better healthcare.

Het Rode Kruis is a worldwide collective with one single purpose: helping people. Always and everywhere. From heroes in war zones to volunteers at a festival. Yet, not many people know what happens exactly behind the well known red cross emblem. MOAM used this insight to design a basic t-shirt with a yellow circle, a green square and a blue triangle. This way, the collective gives a nod to the red cross emblem, playing with the logo in a lighthearted manner.

MOAM was founded by Martijn Nekoui in 2012. It is a platform that connects young talents with iconic names in the Dutch creative industry. MOAM has already collaborated with, among others, Viktor & Rolf, Rijksmuseum, HEMA, the Bijenkorf, FOAM and Doutzen Kroes.

Rode Kruis x MOAM Rode Kruis x MOAM

The Het Rode Kruis x MOAM t-shirts are now available at all Hutspot stores.
Photo’s by Peggy Kuiper.

Introducing | Hutspot Fragrance

Let us introduce you to our new fragrance. Its subtle, yet both warm and fresh scent has already been gracing our stores for a while now. Finally, you can now also use the scent to season your home or to wear it on yourself. It features a mix of fresh bergamot and tangerine with a tinge of spice from nutmeg and ginger, topped with the calming lavender. The line consists of three different products; the Eau de Parfum, the Room Spray and the Room Fragrance. Now exclusively available at all our stores.

Hutspot Fragrance Hutspot Fragrance Hutspot Fragrance Hutspot Fragrance


Hutspot Tips | May

Each month, we share our favorite places to go, things to eat, things to see and experiences you must enjoy. We will also share with you awesome and innovating new companies, artists and entrepreneurs to keep an eye on. These are our five Hutspot Tips for May.

Thomas Azier – Rouge
Singer, writer and producer Thomas Azier is known for his atmospheric, yet energetic pop songs. His powerful voice blends in perfectly with his use of experimental electronics, creating a dynamic sound that is easy, yet surprising to listen to. On the 12th of May, he will release his second studio album Rouge that is mostly written and recorded in Paris.

It seems like Thomas Azier is very much inspired by the city he lives in. His debut album Hylas was written and recorded in Berlin, which resulted in a more darker collection of songs. Recently published tracks like ‘Gold’ and ‘Talk To Me’ reveal a much lighter sound, almost hinting to a more romantic and dreamy Azier. Go Paris!

Hutspot Tips | May

Time & Style
Amsterdam has just gained a very special interior shop. Time & Style merges traditional Japanese techniques with modern lifestyle. The end result is a stunning collection of furniture pieces, accessories, lighting and art that all have the same calm and serene aesthetic to them.

The store is located in former police building Raamport. While you are there, look out for the hidden terrace that is full of Bonsai beauty!
Visit Time & Style at Marnixstraat 148, 1016 TE Amsterdam

Hutspot Tips | May

Jule Cats – In Disguise
Jule Cats is inspired by forced migration within Dutch cities. Conversations reveal that there is a lot of build-up anger, sadness and confusion among people that need to leave their home unwanted. The Rotterdam based product designer decided to use these emotions and has translated them into physical objects.

The vases are made from plastic resin and concrete and can be mistaken for a beautiful underwater landscape. Jule used waste concrete from old buildings, referring to the stories that inspired her.
The In Disguise vases are available at Hutspot Rotterdam. 

Hutspot Tips | May

The Living Museum
From the 26th till the 28th of May, Het Stedelijk Museum will organise a weekend full of performances created by its visitors. The museum is currently hosting an open call for anyone that is willing to create a performance based on an existing art piece. From rap to dance and from poetry to singing: everything is possible!

The idea behind this form of exhibiting is based on the book ‘Fahrenheit 451’ from British writer Ray Bradbury (1953). The book is promoting the concept of collective memory and tells the story of a group of people that communicates stories and idea’s without the actual source existing anymore.

Hutspot Tips | May

Song to Song
Song to Song is the newest film from director Terrence Malick (The Tree of Life). Packaged in a Texas inspired music scene, the film deals with themes such as love and self-confrontation. Song to Song follows two intersecting love stories and has assembled a power-house of talent including Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara and Natalie Portman.

Hutspot Tips | May

We hope you enjoy reading our monthly tips as much as we do making them. Do you know something that you think is worth to visit, watch, eat at or listen to? Please let us know by sending an e-mail to and we might include your tip in our next list.

Hutspot Interviews | KOEP. by Ken hair in Utrecht

We have recently opened a new hair salon in Hutspot Utrecht. We sat down with Ken, the owner of KOEP. by Ken, to talk about Hutspot, his craft and what he likes about Utrecht.

Hi Ken! Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you started working as a hair dresser?
Yes, of course! I became a hair dresser and stylist almost 12 years ago. I started when I was eighteen and have been working in a lot of different hair salons. However, working at Kinki Kappers in Utrecht is where I had most fun and stayed the longest (six years!). I learned so much about craftsmanship at Kinki and I believe that this is where I became a true professional. I had a great time!

KOEP. by Ken Hutspot Utrecht

Do you have a favorite haircut to do?
What I love doing most is hair coloring. I get very excited when people ask me to dye their hair in a different color. If someone explains to me that she wants to go from blonde to brown (or the other way around), I do like to give honest and qualitative advice. Besides hair coloring, I also love to cut a classic bob.

How would you describe your own clothing style?
I would say that my style changes a lot, but I can describe it as a combination between classic and street plus a bit of what is trending. And of course, it must be no surprise that my hair changes quite often too!


Hutspot Utrecht Kapper


Can the haircut you choose say something about your character? And do you see a specific hair trend among the Hutspot customers?
It is funny that you ask this, because there are a lot of theories that propose the idea of someone’s haircut saying a lot about someone’s character. Personally, I am a bit skeptical towards those theories. I do think that a haircut can say something about someone’s style. I started in March, so I am not completely sure about what specific hair trend is popular amongst Hutspot customers. However, everyone that visits the store is really open-minded, so I guess there is a lot to discover!

KOEP. by Ken Hutspot Utrecht

What do you like about working at the Hutspot Utrecht store?
First of all, I am in love with the building. It has such an historic character and is of course located in the beautiful city centre of Utrecht. Another thing that I like is that there are always people around me. Whether it is people that work in the store, or the customers shopping at Hutspot. The vibe is really nice and that makes working here even more fun!

What’s your favorite hangout in Utrecht?
My favorite place to go after a day of hard work is Spaghetteria on the Wittenvrouwensingel. Some pasta with a nice glass of wine or beer is the best!

More information? Click to visit the location page of KOEP. by Ken.


Hutspot Interviews | Ontour

We visited Etienne and Remco, founders of the innovative and graphic menswear label Ontour, in the city where it all started: Eindhoven. Read our interview to learn more about their approach to design, the best hotspots in Eindhoven and their key tip for a successful collaboration.


Hi Remco and Etienne. Could you tell us how you guys met?
We both studied product design at The Design Academy in Eindhoven. We became friends because we both had the same mutual interests in street culture, design and music.

Did you start collaborating in school?
After our graduation, we first went and did our own thing. We both worked for some big clients, but the urge to create and have more creative freedom eventually resulted in Ontour. The name Ontour actually comes from us venturing out on a new journey and starting our own adventure.

Could you tell us more about Ontour?
Our tagline ‘all about the journey’ sums it up quite well. Ontour is about adventure, discovery and the learning process that you will experience along the way. This mentality is also reflected in our product. We find it important to continuously ask questions during the design process. “Is this really the only way to design a shirt?” “Could we implement a sportive detail into a classic design?” “Would we be able to add a zipper on a spot you would normally not expect a zipper to be?” We like to ask questions that force us to do things a bit different.


The Bombay Jacket has a surprisingly popping color on the inside lining. It really grabs your attention when trying on the jacket for the first time.
We like to experiment with different styles, colors and prints that you would normally not expect to see together. Combining two colors, such as beige and peach, is definitely a good example of that. It creates this extra layer of surprise and discovery that matches our aesthetic.

How did studying product design influence the way you look at fashion?
It has changed the way we approach design. If we take Dutch Design as an example, you always see returning elements such as functionality and minimalism. However, it is those small interesting quirks that makes Dutch Design stand out. We believe that we handle the same approach.

Would you say that Eindhoven has also influenced the way you approach design?
Creatives in Eindhoven tend to have this classic workers attitude. You know, this kind of ‘work hard, never give up’ mentality. We also believe that Lidewij Edelkoort has had a big impact on how The Design Academy approaches design nowadays. Thinking about meaning and functionality have become very important. This has definitely influenced the way we design at Ontour.

What is your favorite spot in Eindhoven?
We are very charmed by the Strijp-S and Strijp-R area. Het Ketelhuis and Radio Royaal are both places that contain many fond memories. Overall, it is a very inspiring place that does not feel forced or fake. All these initiatives are founded by individuals who have passion for what they do. It makes the area feel very authentic.


What is your favorite Ontour design?
There are many designs we like, but we are in particular fond of the designs that are just a bit different. We created this jacket that is called the Coast. It is a bit of a hybrid between a shirt and a sports jacket because of the way we used the material. It is made from a cotton-nylon blend, but has the silhouette of one of those vintage stadium jackets. We removed the collar which resulted in an interesting mix of references. You can wear it both inside and outside.

Did you ever had a strong disagreement on a design? How did you solve it?
It is important to trust and to respect each others opinion. We definitely have our weekly discussions, but we also believe that these are healthy. And sometimes you also have to be able to compromise and say: “I trust you, let’s try it!”

Hutspot and Ontour have been working together for quite some time now. What is your best memory of our time together?
We love to see how both brands are growing and evolving. We have been part of Hutspot since the beginning and both brands have experienced many interesting developments. We share a strong connection and we developed a relationship that is more than just a professional one.

What is next for Ontour?
We would like to communicate our brand atmosphere in many different ways. We are not really interested in making our collections bigger, but are in stead looking for ways to extend the collection with other types of products. Oh, and a woman’s line. That would be cool!

Hutspot Interviews | AnoukxVera x Hutspot

We teamed up with creative duo AnoukxVera to create an all new sportswear design, exclusively available from the 21st of April in all Hutspot stores. Read our interview to learn more about their graphical and humorous approach to fashion and design. Get sweaty!


Hi Anouk and Vera. Congratulations on your new design for Hutspot. It looks great!
Thank you, we are thrilled!

Would you consider yourself the sportive types?
Anouk was raised in Zeeland and was constantly surrounded by water and movement. She is still very much inspired by her sportive surroundings. Vera lives 24/7 in leggings and loves to run. So without us needing to be the biggest sports fanatics, we did know that our collaboration would involve body and movement somehow.

Tell us a bit more about AnoukxVera. When did you start collaborating?
We met each other during our studies at The Design Academy in Eindhoven. We both studied Man & Identity, a department focussed on the human body and its direct surroundings (fashion, textiles and interior design). We also experimented with visual communication and story telling, something we continued doing with AnoukxVera. We love creating an imaginary world, making weird images and story lines along the way.

Did studying at The Design Academy change the way you look at fashion?
We see clothing as objects. They become part of a bigger whole that is tied together by the atmosphere or story that we create. They are all equally important.

The back of the boob pin packaging is hilarious!
Haha! You mean the text: ‘congratulations with your third nipple?’

Yes, exactly! How important is humor in your designs and communication?
I think that humor is something that is just part of our design aesthetic. Our first collection (‘the Hairy Boob Collection’) played with elements such as body hair, boobs and sweat. These could have become quite serious topics, but we turned them into something that is lighthearted and funny. We like the tension between being serious and humorous and are therefore not afraid of becoming a bit bold.

Looking at that particular collection, I thought you guys were maybe also challenging normative feminine and masculine characteristics? Is it not about that as well?
No, not necessarily. We didn’t start designing with one gender in mind. This is why ‘the Hairy Boob Collection’ featured both a female and male model.
Our goal is never to make a gender statement, although we do wink to equality with our current Boob Pin in collaboration with Hutspot. Because everyone has nipples!


You already mentioned the atmosphere and story around your collections. Could you tell us a bit more about how this process works?
It goes very organic. We usually start with sketching the story or atmosphere, followed by abstract shapes or prints. We usually do have a crucial ah-ha moment. This is the moment when we both think: yes, this is it! For example: we designed a black and white hairy bum legging. This formed the basis for our design aesthetic.

What is the most fun part about the design process?
Creating this abstract world is a lot of fun. And designing the prints! We always love to experiment and that often results in a lot of laughter.

What makes a good creative collaboration last?
We always let each other finish and we respect each others opinion. I think that is a big part of why us working together feels so natural.

We also learned to embrace each other’s strengths. For example: Anouk is very creative with language. She is able to create the most funny and clever sentences that we can use to enrich our stories. Actually, we created some really cool sentences for our collaboration with Hutspot.

Could you tell us more about that? What is the story behind your collaboration with Hutspot?
We wanted to create a concept that was inspired by the atmosphere of Hutspot. We are attracted by the fact that Hutspot mixes clothing with other products. We feel that we share the same mentality: seeing clothing as objects.

It was a fun challenge to create a design that is a bit more timeless. We kept it AnoukxVera by adding graphical objects and shapes on the print. When creating the story around these shapes, they started representing small sentences and stories in itself. For example: the shape on the knee goes with the sentence: ‘lekker leunen op jezelf’ (in English: ‘lean on yourself, please’ with a bit of a sassy undertone).


Do you feel that regular sportswear is missing something?
Not necessarily. We see a lot of people wearing sportswear more casually nowadays. Our lives are getting more and more hectic, so we do understand this change in how people wear these kind of items. Our collections tap into this typical Millennial lifestyle development. We are not going against anything that regular sportswear brands do, but we in stead celebrate the developments in how people wear these items in daily life!

We do think sustainability is important. Normally, we always design on demand to minimize waste. With this collaboration, we have the opportunity to make ourselves visible to a wider audience and make people aware that brands like us exist. We consciously decided on a limited edition, doing it the AnoukxVera way. The garments are completely produced in the Netherlands, which reduces pollution from transport.

What has been your favorite AnoukxVera moment thus far?
The Hairy Boob Collection’ had some really nice moments. We got featured on Wetransfer and received our first international purchase from Singapore! We are not that sales orientated, but it was just amazing to suddenly get positive feedback from someone that lives in a total different country.

Any plans for the future?
Well, we can give you a hint. We would like to get even more close to our consumer in an interactive way. Stay tuned! 😉

AnoukxVera x Hutspot is exclusively available in all Hutspot stores from the 21st of April.
Photography by Peggy Kuiper represented by Cake Film and Photography
Hair and make-up by Joyce Clerkx represented by Angelique Hoorn Management
Model: Joelle Pforr